Level 40

– Starts from Grozmag the Trainer in Zek, the Orcish Wastes (-272,-543).

– Grozmag will ask you to complete a series of trials for him. The trials are initiated by clicking on the door at the bottom of the elevator in the Vallon Foundry (+312,-111). After completing each you should return to Grozmag the Trainer.

– Each odd trial is solo, while each even trial is grouped. Only those on the same trial as you, or who don’t have this quest can accompany you. If someone else has the quest, but they are in a different trial, they will not be able to join you for your trials.

– The first trial is easily soloable, it consists of killing a single Zek Berserker.

– The second trial consists of 4 level 32 zek berserkers, dark knights and defilers. Two of them are ^. A group encounter.

– The third trial is another solo step. It is two orcs, a pummeler with a down arrowm and a warrior with no modifier. Both are level 33 solo mobs.

– The fourth trial consists of one ^ mob and 4 normal level 35 group mobs. You will need a group unless your 44+.

– The fifth trial is another solo step. It consists of a level 36 Zek Defiler, a single down level 36 Zek Berserker and a level 36 double down Zek War Wolf.

– The sixth trial is a group step that consists of a level 38 double up champion in one group. a 38 single up inquisitor and 2 level 38 weald wolves in another group.

– After completing all four trials you must kill Emperor Fyst in the Deathfist Citadel. Then return to Grozmag to complete the quest and receive your Shiny Brass Shield.

Receive Reward: Shiny Brass Shield
Receive Reward: 54,000 Status Points

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