Level 33

– Starts from Toranim Skyblade at the Temple of Life in North Qeynos.

– Before you can start this quest, you must first complete “A Dusty Blue Stone”. A Dusty Blue Stone is started by having “a dusty blue stone” in your inventory and speaking to Gruffin Goldtooth at the mines in Graystone Yard (822,-175). You can recieve a dusty blue stone by speaking to Vida Sweeps in Nettleville Hovel or buying it on the broker.

– Gruffin sends you to the Thundering Steppes to mine 40 Sunswept Stones.

– After obtaining these return to Gruffin who will then send you to South Qeynos to speak to Aristide Calais past the red teleportal in the mages tower. The mage will send you to visit Olden Highguard at the Thundermist Village in the Thundering Steppes (+613,-56).

– After this you return to Aristide Calais (the mage) who will send you to speak to Toranim Skyblade in the Temple of Life in North Qeynos. You will then be sent to Stormhold to kill undead (any will do). After doing this return to Toranim Skyblade. At that point you will be given your choice of rewards if you are a class that does not wish to use Ghoulbane. If you wish to continue for Ghoulbane then you will be given the Restoring Ghoulbane quest.

– The first step is to enter the Tomb of Valor and grab Ghoulbane. After doing this return to the Toranim.

– Recieve Reward: Weakened Ghoulbane

Finally you must kill three powerful undead beings to recharge the Ghoulbane.

  • Cauldron Hollow: Descendant of the Torig
  • Crypt of Betrayal: Spectre of Ire
  • Ruins of Varsoon: The Creator

You must head into Nektropos Castle and kill Malthus Everliving.

Receive Reward: Ghoulbane
Receive Reward: 42,750 Status Points

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