I’ve been trying the past little while to get 10,000 faction with the ironforge exchange. Anyone who has worked on their factions knows this is easier said then done. You get 100 faction for each writ you complete. It’s a slow and fairly boring process that takes a little bit of time and dedication.

Then I discovered the rushed orders.

Now, I’ve always hated them. I complained when they first came out about being too difficult. On some of my characters it feels as though they are. On the provisioner though, they’re fun. So for the past two days I’ve been grinding those out. My tactic? It’s all about the progress buttons, instead of durability.

I make sure I have a power totem on (my woodworker makes those) make sure I’m crafting with just a dress on and no gear so that my power regen speeds up (crafting buttons take a % of your power, if your power pool is only 500 and it takes 10% it’s much easier to regen the spent power then if your power pool is 9k and you need to regen 10%). I’m an illusionist, so I get my own power regen. For the provisioner writs, you have to make 12 items (which is 6 combines, if you hit pristine you get two of that item) in 8 minutes. I typically (if I’m not rambling away in guild) can manage these wih a minute or a bit more left over on the clock.

So Stargrace is now sitting comfortably with 3,100 status for the ironforge exchange. Hopfully if I can keep my interest up in a week or two my home will be sporting new display cases. I’ve really wanted them forever.

Raids tonight! Not sure what we’re going to be hitting, I know a few key members are not going to be able to make it. That’s the one issue I have with our (very) small raiding guild. If someone can’t make it, it hurts. We really need dedicated players in order to acomplish goals.

All week I’ve been listening to qeynos_crafting ramble on about Vanguard (that’s a channel for those of you who are unfamiliar with the term) and argue about WoW and trying to price fix the market. There are a lot of people out there complaining when someone else undercuts them, especially for crafted goods (specifically, even). So the crafting community wants to band together and add fixed prices to things. For example a tier 7 box would cost 10g. Everyone would (should) sell their box at 10g.

I hate that idea. Number one, sales are aranged in alphabetical order. So Zzuloa is screwed. Aalpfo can sell his 100 boxes a day and keep supply fairly constant if he’s a dedicated crafter, and then ta da, he has control of the market. Also. If I want to sell my boxes for lower then the cost it is to make them, because they’re taking up space and I want to move the product out, or for whatever reason, I’m in a good mood or something, then shesh, why shouldn’t I. I hate the idea of price fixing. Now, I understand that undercutting is annoying. I’m a crafter myself. But price fixing just does not seem like the answer to me.

2 thoughts on “Rushed Tradeskill writs.. and preparing (again) for raids”
  1. Price fixing = greed – pure and simple.

    If people want to undercut others to get the sale, everyone benefits. Price fixing is the worst thing that can happen in any economy, what the people who want price fixing don’t realise is; it will through time affect them also – if they don’t have certain tradeskillers to twink there alts, supply their main etc – they will end up in the same positions as everyone else – forced to pay too much for the simple crafted things they need. It’s a free game world we play in – i.e. no president/governing body to impose unfair rules upon us (apart fom soe – lol) lets keep it that way – PRICE FIXING IS A BAD THING!!!!

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