Level 50

– This heritage quest is initiated by examining “A Piece of Ancient Parchment.” This item is a body drop on Desert Madmen and Lunatics in the Sinking Sands and the Pillars of Flame.

– You need to find a Desert Expert in Maj’Dul (The Planetologist) The NPC that you need to find is Planetologist Ahkar in Maj’dul. He is located at (-152,-124). If you go up the first flight of stairs from the zone in you’ll find him right there.

– Find Harshaa in the Sinking Sands Harshaa is found at (-405,-1331). When you hail Harshaa and work through some dialogue about him not helping you, 3 double down lv 51 mobs will jump you. After you protect Harshaa he will send you out to kill The Prophet of the Desert.

– Slay The Prophet of the Desert in the Sinking Sands. This is step 4 cause defending Harshaa actually is listed as step 3 in your journal. What you have to do here is find an altar that the desert madmen are preying at and flush out the The Prophet of the Desert. The Altar is at (-651,-514). There are 4 groups of desert lunatics either 3-4 in group around the altar. Kill them to spawn The Prophet of the Desert. He doesnt spawn everytime so get ready for some familiar PH camping. Had a few rounds where 4 desert maniacs would spawn instead of The Prophet of the Desert. The Prophet of the Desert popped at lv 49 ^^^ with 4 desert maniac friends. Nothing special about him. Kill them and then examine the altar. After that return to Harshaa who will then freakout and tell you to leave him alone.

– Return to the Planetologist Return to the Planetologist who informs you that there was this ancient group that ruled the desrt before recorded time and blah blah blah. Then he tells you that some qeynosians have found information on the civilization and that you should seek them out. Problem is that they were jumped by pirates and everything was stolen. So what you now must do is seek out these pirates and hope they have the relics.

-Investigate Dry Wind Island and find the pirates who robbed the Qeynosians.

– There are a group of Five (5) level 45 Samiel Pirates at (-2164,-24). As soon as you zone in you are attacked by a ^^^ 54 Samiel Maruader so who ever zones in first needs to handle themselves. Then Pull Lieutenant Kielmal he is a level 54 ^^^ as well. He will drop the key you need then you need to clear the rest of the ship which consists of Two (2) level 54 ^^ Samiel Maraders, Two (2) level 54 ^^ Samiel Outlaws (these are down the stairs to the right you can’t see them), and Three (3) Level 54 ^^ Pillagers, Once this are clear the chest is down the stairs and to the right you may not have to kill the last group of three if you are careful. Once this is done return to Planetologist Ahkar.

– Return to the libaray of my home city and speak with someone who may know about the Desert. Return to you Home City and goto the Libaray in North Freeport (Librarian Zabnolique)or South Qeynos (Libarian Dungil) he will tell you some stuff then send you back to Planetologist Ahkar (don’t you love all this running around?)

– Destroy the Legions of Rahotep. It’s now time to destroy the legions of Rahotep. You need to gather a small raid (2 groups) and head to the Twin Tears in the Sinking Sands. This is a short carpet ride away. After arriving at Twin Tears, there will be an NPC at the north side, named Rahotep. You can’t hail him, but when you come close a huge army will spawn. They are all NPC’s but become attackable in waves of like 10 mobs of lvl 55 epic x2 mobs (all ^ or ^^). Some 55 epic x2 named.

– Return to ‘Planetologist Ahkar’ in Maj’Dul to receive your reward.

Receive Reward: Scepter of Rahotep
Receive Reward: 70,000 Status Points

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