Level 50

– Starts from examing an “Ill Fated Cleric Journal”.

– In order to get the journal, you must farm a rare spawn of wraiths in the Feerott called Agony and Despair (-1859,+638). They spawn by the lake near the entrance to the Temple of Cazic-Thule. Agony and Despair run on cycles, you can go hours without him spawning, and then he will spawn 4 times in a row. He works consistantly so that if your entire group wants it, they will have their chance.

– You must first kill 40 random lizardman in Cazic-Thule.

– You must then kill four named spawns in the zone.

  • Kaxor the Cenobite: On top the temples on the sides of Venekor.
  • Hukulan the Despoiler: Up top, between the stone walls.
  • Tzugaax the Torturer: Downstairs in the Torturer Area.
  • Xilarga The Tae Ew Champion: Side overhangs of the big temple.

– You are then instructed to find the Fountain of Fear. This is the waterfall from the back of the large temple in Cazic Thule.

– Once you complete this step a one hour timer starts. You have one hour to find the Basin of Ba’Kur in Cazic Thule. This is at (+68,+2). To get there you enter the tunnels, and after passing the rooms with the glare lords, turn to the left. The room after the thulian fiend is the basin.

– You must then kill Thulian Terrorfiends in Cazic Thule until you obtain a key. This is an uncommon auto-updating piece.

– After finding the key you must kill the Keeper to obtain your mace. He is in a special instanced version of the Sanctum of Fear. Once inside you will find a small room with four totems. You can right click to activate these. When they activate either four mobs will spawn, or the Keeper.

– After killing the Keeper the mace will spawn above the table in the back.

Receive Reward: Screaming Mace
Receive Reward: 63,000 Status Points

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