Level 45

– Starts from Master T’Lys in Everfrost (+80,+81).

– Master T’Lys asks you to acquire four pieces of his shattered wand. They are ground spawns, with semi-random spawn locations:

  • Red Shard: In the behemoth area
  • Blue Shard: In the cat/stag area
  • Green Shard: In the terrors area
  • White Shard: In the cougar area

– After completing this task and returning to Master T’Lys he will ask you to kill the leaders of the Frosthorn, Icegill and Numbfoot tribes in Everfrost.

– Head towards minotaurs and slay all the minotaurs at western campfire (-10,-430). It will trigger a group with executioners or Bloodrage. Bloodrage is who you need.

– Head towards the icegill goblins, on the islands past Permafrost. There is an island the north, 2 islands south of the raid mob (+511,-1400). Slay all the monsters and Webclaw will eventually spawn. Kill him.

– Head towards the cougar/stag area where the blue shard was and kill the Numbfoots around the tree. Eventually Chieftain Iceburn will spawn here. Kill him.

Now that you have all three pieces you must head to Miragul’s Menagerie. Zone in and kill everything in the dungeon.

Receive Reward: Tobrin’s Mystical Eyepatch
Receive Reward: 60,000 Status Points

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