Level 40

– Starts from Rukir Pineleaf in Rivervale (-806,-276).

The first step is to collect 100 horns from nightbloods in Rivervale. After doing this speak with Rukir Pineleaf again.

– The next step takes you to the Tower of the Drafling to find some Jum Jum Juice. The tap can be foud at (+353,+104). After obtaining the Jum Jum Juice you must return to Rukir.

– Rukir will then send you back to the Tower of the Drafling and find the Queen’s Chamber. The place you need to advance the quest is at (+477,-28). Once you find it the quest will update and you can return to Rukir in Rivervale.

– Asajj An’duuth and some assassins will then spawn. Kill them and then speak to Rukir again.

– Rukir then sends you to deliver some vegetables to Franny in Rivervale at the Fool’s Gold (-83,-25). You have a five minute time limit to reach her.

– These vegetables will make her sick and die, and you must then return to Rukir. It is important to note that she dies within seconds of talking to her, so the group has to time the turn in so that you all turn in your vegetables at the same time. If she dies and some players haven’t finished you will need to wait 10-25 minutes for her to respawn.

– After returning to Rukir you should once again time your hails. Everyone needs to finish his dialogue before he dies. Rukir will then turn hostile and must be killed to complete the quest. He is a level 46-48 ^^ mob.

Receive Reward: Heirophant’s Crook
Receive Reward: 57,500 Status Points

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