Level: 60

– This quest starts from Master Bowyer Mossberge, in Kelethin. Evil aligned can still do the quest, you may need to sneak past the guards though.

– The first step is to head to loping plains,and find the mouth of the Long Drawn River. It’s up north, there’s only one River in the zone. A level 52 Heroic wounded werewolf will be there, and close by Ranger Oast will spawn. Hail him for your update.

– Head to Lesser Faydark to the Wu encampment, Captin Trueshot will spawn there (940,-179). He sends you off to collect a few supplies to help create the bow.

– A spool of dwarven wire can be bought from Mender Horon Bronzethumb (-260,90) at West Fort Irontoe in Butcherblock Mountains. He won’t sell to you unless you have 10k+ faction with the irontoe, if you haven’t already gotten this from doing the level 17 HQ, you can slay kobold, or work some easy quests around the zone. To buy from him, right click him and when you open the repair window you’ll see a tab for “buy”.

– Two perfect micro servers, are semi-rare drops off of the clockworks in Klak’anon. Only the higher level ones will update the quest, and you won’t see an update as you kill them, but keep working at it, and eventually you’ll get it.

– Moonlight wood, comes from a harvestable tree in Greater Faydark, head towards Felwithe (New Tunaria), and up a cliff (1000,430), you’ll find a tree. The tree only spawns at night, and you must have a skill of 245+ to be able to harvest it.

– For the gold Fairy dust, Princess Saphronia will help you. She’s found in Kelethin and wants you to get a powersource for Sir Gearheart. It drops off of the last mob in court of Innovation (inside Klak’anon). Give her the powersource, and she’ll give you the fairy dust.

– Head back to Master Bowyer Mossberge, and he’ll send you to get it enchanted, go to Fethinal the Enchanted in Greater Faydark (inside the tree, -835,540).

– Take the bow back to Captian Trueshot in Lesser Faydark. He can’t use the bow though, and wants you to kill dragoons to help him out.

  • Dragoon V’Riv (-300,700) near the Estate of Unrest in butcherblock
  • Dragoon K’Geth (200,280)
  • Dragoon Captian K’Venx in lesser faydark, head towards the obelisk, heading around the left edge, you’ll find a climbable root that leads to a ledge where the captian spawns.

– Head back to Captian Trueshot.

– The Captian ends up being a vampire himself, kill him, and Huntsmaster Viswin shows up, and sends dierwolves after you. Kill them, and head to loping plains.

– Head to the steps of Castle Mistmoore, and an epicx2 level 60 encounter will spawn. Can easily be defeated with one group, he’s got a very small magic type dot. Defeat the encounter.

Reward: Raincaller bow

Reward: ??? Status points

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