Level 50

– This quest starts when you loot an Old Telescopic Lens from any level 41+ kobold found in steamfont.

– You can find the gnome to talk to in Steamfont Mountains at the Frugrin Observatory, The gnome you need to talk to is Vhizz Frugrin (Loc = -955.86, 156.56, 739.75)
– Head to Enchanted Lands, Then goto Runnyeye, and then goto the bottom to The Chamber of Rulgax, then fight your way all the way down to the last mob Lord Rulgax, kill him to get your Lens update.

– Head back to Vhizz Frugrin at the Frugrin Observatory in Steamfont Mountains. Collect three catalyst elements.

  • Head to Everfrost and then head to Icespire Summit, zone in and goto the last room kill everything in the room untill Karg Icebear spawns then harvest the coldest mana infused crystals from the middle crystal.
  • Heavy Oxidized Mineral Water is located in the Steamfont Wetlands (Loc = -588.28, 70.84, 1,589.89) you need to harvest the point inside the geyser to get the update.
  • Molten Mana Infused Stone (Loc = -411.68, -30.91, -580.68) is located in Lavastorm on the Mage Spire where Tyrock Cleaver is.

– Now that you have all the catalyst elements, You should return to Vhizz Frugrin in the Steamfont Mountains at the Frugrin Observatory.

– You can find a Grikbar outcast at (Loc = -1,195.62, 96.08, 1,304.12) (You need to speak Serilian to be able to talk to a Grikbar outcast)

– You need to collect the tongue of the Grikbar kobold Pechpooka

  • Digmaster Pechpooka is located in the Grikbar Crater (Loc = -108.46, 43.28, 1,184.89)

– You need to collect the tongue of the Grikbar kobold Pechmooka

  • Slave Pechmooka is located in the Mines of Meldrath, not the instance but the caves/mines in the Steamfont Mountains (Loc = -1,394.36, 85.41, 1,058.40)

– You need to collect the tongue of the Grikbar kobold Pechyooka

  • Scout Pechyooka is located around the Dragonscale Hills he roams the area.

– Return to the Grikbar outcast with the tongues. Enter King Grikbar’s Cavern, (King Grikbar’s Cavern is located in the Grikbar Crater on the south side you will see a cave called The Lair of the Rex it is in the back behind a Banner (Loc = -69.72, 80.10, 1,294.77)

– Kill King Grikbar and recover the Staff of the Observers. Make certain that you kill everything leading up to the King, as he will call all remaining adds to his aid.

Reward: The Staff of the Observers

Reward: ??? Status Points

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