Level 70

– This quest is given by Fuzzmin the Lost on Whisperwind Isle in the Barren Sky, near the climb up to the Owl camp (-587,-408). It is the quest for Wurmslayer. You have three targets for the first step:

  • Azdalin – He is found at the Vicious Breeding Grounds in Tenebrous Tangle. He will spawn when you get near the center of the island, and is a 65 ^^^ Heroic.
  • Glyton – At the bottom of the Sanctum of the Scaleborn, at base of ramp.
  • Lord Xyfl – Spawns in Lavastorm. You don’t have to kill him though. He falls asleep, and you can pluck a scale from him while he is sleeping.

– After obtaining these return to Fuzzmin. He will give you a Rusty Wurmslayer.

– You must take it to An Old Weaponsmith next to the pool at the bottom of the waterfall at the Hidden Refuge in Tenebrous Tangle (+81,+192). You will have to read his text and answer carefully or the dialogue will end and you’ll have to start over. At the end of this conversation he will give you a level 60 recipe to build the Oak Shafted Wurmslayer. It requires a rare special oak-shaft which can be found in a chest next to Cyenadros in the Sanctum of the Scaleborn (+24,+308).

– You must then obtain a metal bar to craft the Sharp Bladed Wurmslayer, a level 63 recipe. This is found in the Palace of the Awakened.

– After this you must take the Quellthulian Enchantments from near the Carniverous Pillar in the Halls of Fate, and use them to create a Formed Wurmslayer. This is a level 65 geomancy combine.

– You must then slay the following dragons:

– Harla Dar: Epic x 4 in the Temple of Scale
– Lord Vyemm: Epic x 4 Dragon in the Laboratory of Lord Vyemm
– Sothis: Dragon in Halls of Fate

Receive Reward: Wurmslayer
Receive Reward: ??? Status Points

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