Level 70

– This is the quest for the Bone-Clasped Girdle. It is initiated by talking to Sinephobis on Fear Tainted Island (-104, 871) in Tenebrous Tangle. It requires you to speak the Thulian language.

– He asks you to find and recover the strengthened draconic bones in the Bonemire. You must find the following bones, which spawn in multiple locations including the ones below:

  • A large dragon skull: (+947,+172) or (+866,+270) or (+868,+221) on the Isle of the Ravasect
  • A large dragon-bone tail: (+458,-611) or (+414,-481) in Carcotoxic Stain
  • A set of dragon ribs: (+276,-17) or (+241,-32) on Halls of Fate Isle
  • A set of dragon limbs: (+248,+776) or (+289,+695) or (+335,+726) on the Drednever Crash Site
  • A set of dragon-bone wings: (-637,+412) or (-728,+393) or (-776,+379) on the Shattered Weir Isle

– After this you must obtain four new items. These can sometimes be found on brokers:

  • Blue-Silver Sheet: Rare mined ore
  • Perfect Osseus Lumber: Rare lumbered item
  • Perfectly Cut Purple Geode: Rare mined gem
  • Strip of Supple Leather: Rare trapped object

Once you have all of these you should head to the forge in the Sanctum of the Scaleborn, near the Halls of Rites (-116,-33). It is a level 60 combine. You can scribe the recipe at any level, and attempt at lower levels, but expect it to take a long time. A quicker method of getting this update, and easier, is to bring a level 70 crafter to the forge with you, and use the consignment method. Have them Target you, hit N, select the recipe (they must have scribed it already) and right click the image, click create. Then you simply drop in your no-trade pieces to the window, and click accept.

– After completing this you are sent to kill Do’Ellin the Young. He is a 67 ^^^ Heroic who spawns on Ravasect Isle in The Bonemire, near the bottom of the waterfall. He has an AE Knockback. After subduing him you use the Phylatercy on him and return to Sinephobis. If you’re in a group be sure everyone does this step at the same time as he de-spawns after 10 seconds, he re-spawns within 10 minutes.

– After this you should return and do the hand in. You will then be given six minutes to place three rods. One on Gazer Isle, one on Bixie Isle and one on Fear Tainted Isle.

– After returning to Sinephobis he will spawn the Spirit of Do’Ellin, a dracoliche version of Do’Ellin. He is level 70 ^^^. Kill him for your Bone Clasp Girdle.

Receive Reward: Bone-Clasped Girdle

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