Level 50

– Starts from Charly Ashlash in Lavastorm (-323,+355).

– You need to speak goblin to receive this quest from Charly Ashlash. Before Charly will deal with you he asks you to destroy some monsters in Lavastorm. You must slay 50 crawlers and 50 Drakes. The lizards at the docks give credit for drakes.

– After doing this return to him. He will give you a boot. Examine the boot and the quest will update.

– You must find the corpse of a smelly fish to bait “The Big Squiggly”. The fish it is referring to is a level 47 solo fish named “Foulgill the Rotten” who spawns near the docks. He has a place holder.

– After killing the fish you will be given 2 hours the bait the trap for “The Big Squiggly”. This trap is a bit deeper in the zone where a named goblin spawns but not very deep. (-566,+410) It will look like a pile of underbrush. Have everyone right click and bait the trap and “a hungry goblin” will run up to the trap.

– Immediately following this “The Big Squiggly” will spawn and attack the group. He is level 48 or 49 ^^. After killing him you will recieve the right boot.

– The next step is to find an Efreeti to make sure the boots are truly Efreeti made. The Efreeti your looking for is Tazgar the Efreeti in the Temple of Solusek Ro in Lavastorm. When you speak to him 6 mobs will spawn. Kill them and speak to him again.

– He will then send you to Solusek’s Eye to kill fire giants until you receive a key. This is a semi-rare auto-updating drop. The giants are in deep, past the golems.

Once you have the key you use it to disable the spires in Lavstorm:

  • (-635,-+300) first goblin area
  • (+120,-465) lava field before the temple
  • (-115,+75) drake pit west of temple
  • (-438,+120) before dragon’s breath tunnel
  • (-567,-410) near Buglegreeder

– Once the spires have been disabled you must defeat The Magolemus. This is a new level 50 ^^^ Group x 2 mob who is located outside of Solusek’s Eye in Lavastorm. If you have disabled the spires, when you walk near him he will become attackable. Once you engage him you have 15 minutes to kill him or he will despawn. He procs a single target knockback on your main tank, so be sure to have his back to a wall.

– After killing him you must reactivate the spires that you disabled earlier. After reactivating them you need to return to speak to Tazgar.

– You must then kill Efreeti Lord Djarn. He is located in the Bastion of Flames.

– After killing Efreeti Lord Djarn you can return to Tazgar for your reward.

Receive Reward: Golden Efreeti Boots
Receive Reward: 50,000 Status Points

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