Level 45

– Starts from Fendaris K’Lorn at the Lavastorm docks (-125,+628).

– The first step is to kill goblins in Lavastorm or Everfrost until you have obtained 20 shards of the broken goblin tablet. This is an auto-updating, uncommon piece. After completing this task return to Fendaris.

– He then requires you to collect 8 goblin banners written in a secret goblin code. The 8 banners are pretty easy to get, just a pain to get the 8 you need right away if anyone else in the zone is on the same part of the quest. There are 2 areas for the banners that they respawn quite quickly. The first area with the solo whelps has 4 spawns of banners scattered thruogh the area. The second goblin area, past the stone bridge has another 4 spawns scattered throughout.

  • (-175,+334)
  • (-153,+274)
  • (-157,+199)
  • (-726,+339)
  • (-345,+324)
  • (-737,+437)
  • (-774,+389)
  • (-321,+458)
  • (-555,+470)
  • (-590,+265)

– After examining all of the banners and speaking to Fendaris, you receive a scroll written in Druzaic. You will need to know Words of Pure Magic to read it. It tells you a nice story about how the goblins got whooped in a fight ages ago. Pay attention when reading through it cause your gonna re-trace the story. Basically you must find the five pieces to the goblin poem. They are at:

  • (-646,+65) The Wound.
  • (-678,-159) Goblet of Ro.
  • (-635,+302) Gobln Ritual Shrine.
  • (-230,+149) Behind the Lavafall.
  • (-193,+251) Before the Lavafall.

– You then must find the name of the forgotten Lavastorm Legend. You do this by speaking with Bunglegreeder. He is in a hut near Asphyxia in Lavastorm at (-403,+194). He will ask you to obtain 8 rare rocks from Lavastorm. Six are mob drops and two must be mined. They are:

  • Metamorphite: Harvested from the metamorphite rocks
  • Flame Licked Diamond: Harvested from Flame Licked Ore
  • Molten Fragmite: Molten Fragments
  • Noxious Pearl: Noxious Emissions
  • Basalt Turquoise: Basalt Rumblers
  • Globule Rose: Flaming Globules
  • Dormizite: Dormant Basalt Rumblers
  • Bouldering Heart: Bouldering Guards of Tyrock Cleaver.

– Return to buglegreeder and get quest update, to search for info of King Tranix.

– Head to temple of ro and take all rights, this will lead to a library and it has a Ghost npc that will tell you to seek out the Dead Knights bones that were sent out across the Shattered Lands (you have seen them when examined it speaks of Flames and Swords on a medalion i believe) But there are 10 of them.

  • Liantis: Lavastorm (-551,+16)
  • Usalin: Lavastorm (-282,-435)
  • Mortanis: Everfrost (25,-478)
  • Edgarin: Feerrott (-1933,+557)
  • Karysin: Zek (-192,-553)
  • Jartellin: The Enchanted Lands (-398,-624)
  • Hogosh: Nektulos Forest (-1374,-697)
  • Weldin: Thundering Steppes (853,+1064)
  • Desdarn: Commonlands (249,+252)
  • Narisin: Antonica (-2051,-564)

– Then it has you Return the bones to the Censor of Souls you pass it heading to Solusek’s Eye through Temple of Ro past Tazga. This looks like a forge with a cauldron in the middle. Head back to ghosty npc in library and he tells you to examine the book about king tranix, its in the library you are in at the moment.

– Then head back to Solusek’s Eye, down to the Giants of Thyr the first room you see them in go to the left side and there is the chest at (+99,+189).

– It has you gather four circlets from various names in Sols Eye:

  • Speaker: Same room as the Chest
  • The Castigator: Room next to Bastion of Flames
  • Lord Crana: Glass Room deep in Thyr area
  • Onyxlam: Titans area (-31,-135)

– After killing all four you can go back to the room and open the chest for your reward.

Receive Reward: Crown of King Tranix
Receive Reward: 54,750 Status Points

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