Level 40

– Starts from Leelav Yekl in the Enchanted Lands (+220,-53).

– Leelav Yekl needs you to track down an assassin for him. He first sends you to Freeport to scour the inns looking for clues on how to track him down. He gives no further instructions but we can tell you that you must speak to Kreglebop Yekl in West Freeport. He is found outside on the patio of the tavern at (+289,+91).

– Kreglebop Yekl will give you clues that lead to Qeynos. You are once again told to scour the taverns of Qeynos to find an unspecified NPC. We can tell you that this NPC is found past a curtain (hidden) in a downstairs area of the tavern in North Qeynos. The curtain is at (+325,+148). The NPC is named Lodo Bightn and can be found at (+337,+155).

– You will then be sent to the Crypt of Betrayal to search for signs of the Assassin. Bring a group for this step. When you walk past the hallway near (+75,+18) two hired assassins (level 38 ^^ and ^ mobs) will spawn and attack you. Kill them and you will receive a Worn Note. Examine the note to receive a hint for the next step.

– You must now head to the mill at Windstalker Village. As you enter the mill you go to the corner just inside on your left (-1922,-608) to get an advance. You will receive a Crudely Scrawled Parchment a that point which can be examined to give information on the next step.

– Head to the docks in the Thundering Steppes. Make sure your party stays together at this point as when you go near the docks Verishu and some enthralled warriors will ambush you. Kill them and you will receive Nightblood Orders. Read this for a hint to the next step.

– Head to Rivervale and visit a lodge at (-545,-190). When someone enters this lodge Ethruia Aidora and several other Lamias will spawn and attack you. Kill them. Ethruia will drop a Quickly Written Letter which can be examined for more hints.

– You must now run out to Leelav Yekl in the Enchanted Lands and warn him that they are coming for him. When you speak to him Lodo Bightn and two Shadowed Halflings will spawn. You must kill them for the Serrated Bone Dirk.

– Speak to Leelav Yekl to close the quest.

Receive Reward: Serrated Bone Dirk
Receive Reward: 56,500 Status Points

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