I’ve been trying to max out my weekly cap of guild experience on my 85 priest, which is not exactly difficult to do when you actually work on it, but the fact that I’m always drifting off to alts seems to hinder me (a lot). I feel a little bad for people who are not level 80+ because working on guild faction is incredibly slow and boring for lower levels. You barely gain any experience unless you have a higher level helping you out – as an example my 85 priest has purchased the tabard that increases your gains by 50% and by the end of next week I’ll be able to purchase the 100% bonus tabard as well as the heirloom helm and cloak which I can then pass down to my alts. I’m very excited about this, heirloom takes out the need for me to actually purchase / loot any gear (aside from a few slots) for the duration of my leveling, and it’s some really nice gear.

The warrior is almost level 32, I didn’t play her much yesterday as I was concentrating on completing that guild faction with the priest. Dragon Flight (Alliance guild that I run on Argent Dawn) completed their 7th (and final for this week) guild run which ended up being Gnomeregan (again). This time the instance went flawlessly – except two members dropped right at the beginning. Before we had even started. Well, that’s not true. See, one hunter (I’m so sorry to pick at this class but it just ended up being them) jumped down to the bottom floor with the oozes while the group was making their way to the first named down the hallway. Upstairs. See, this is why it’s important to follow the tank, because they may not complete the zone in the same method that you’re used to and they may take a different rout. Before we got going I asked the group if they wanted to complete the entire zone, or if they wanted to skip portions of it by jumping. Guild mates decided it would be best if we simply completed the zone without any mario brother jumping competitions, and I agreed. I think the zone took about the same amount of time to complete, we had no deaths, everyone leveled a few times and it was a really nice comfortable run. I want more dungeons like that one.

I’m eager to continue leveling the warrior, but I want to work on obtaining guild faction for heirloom gear too. Hopefully I can reach my new weekly cap today, and then I can play the warrior this weekend. We’ll just have to see I suppose!

Surprisingly enough I’ve been having a lot of fun this time around in WoW. I do miss my housing (sigh) and I look forward to SOE coming back up (when ever that will be) but I’m not longing for the games as much as I thought I would be. I do still have an active subscription to Rift, but for some reason the game just doesn’t appeal to me. I think that it’s because I find it difficult to find ‘stuff to do’ when I’m not questing and slaughtering mobs. In WoW I have taken to working on archeology, which is a great waste of time and it keeps me in game. I have so many different characters to play, and the world is incredibly vast with so many dungeons that I rarely end up doing the exact same thing on any of my characters.

In the end so long as players are having fun it doesn’t matter what game they are playing. You should absolutely enjoy whatever you choose to do with that spare time that comes between real life responsibilities and sleep. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend, and don’t think too hard about the fact that today is Friday the 13th!

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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