How on earth is my warrior tanking in THOSE?! Good grief!

Last night was.. interesting, to say the least. I received a random tell from a random player that I’ve never seen or heard of before (and I believe they logged off right after, so I couldn’t comment further). The tell consisted of nothing more then ‘Wow, when did your AC (air conditioning) break, because you’re looking hotter than hell!” – thanks strange weird person. I am typically of two minds when I receive these sorts of tells in game (and I have a few times now). First of all, they have no idea if I am really a female or a male, or my age. So I tend to reply to them in one of a few ways:

  • I pretend I’m male, and answer with “Thanks, my wife thinks I’m a pretty hot guy too!”
  • Pretend I’m a lot older then I am. “Thanks, my grandchildren never mention that their Nana is hot!”
  • Simply let them know I’m not available or interested in whatever conversation it is they think they’re starting. “Thanks! My husband thinks so too.”

Honestly, why you would send some stranger those sorts of tells to begin with is beyond me. So that was the beginning of my interesting evening. On the plus side, my warrior did manage to inch her way to level 40. The entire time I’ve been leveling up (so far) I’ve done it through tanking random pick up groups. There’s a few reasons for this but my main one is that I’ll never actually learn to tank if I don’t spend a significant portion of my time actually tanking. Plus instances are fairly quick to queue as a tank (understatement, they’re instant, always). I am now into the level range that I don’t exactly enjoy, and a large portion of that is because I simply don’t know my way around the dungeons. Dire Maul (a portion of it at least) was on my list of zones last night, and there’s backtracking that always annoys me. Mauradon is another zone that I don’t know my way around that well although it’s been split into sections and it’s not quite as bad as it once was. If I don’t feel confident in my knowledge of the zones, it’s more difficult for me to tank.

Lets not forget the fact that everyone still thinks they’re invincible and tend to do all the pulling for me. I do my best to regain aggro and so far I don’t think I’m horrible at it, but I only have so many methods of doing this. I also only have one AoE (thunderclap) which means that holding aggro on groups of mobs when everyone is trying to do as much dps as they can possibly do (and not assisting) is becoming more and more of an issue. My job is to hold all of the mobs, and when I can’t do my job I get frustrated. I’ve also decided I really dislike ranged mobs. And I dislike melee characters, because it’s difficult for me to target the mobs that have pulled off to other players that I need to regain. Actually the entire targeting method that WoW uses is difficult for me to maneuver, which is probably why everyone ends up targeting random_mob_101 instead of the mob that I’m actually on. With all these complaints you may think why wouldn’t I simple give up on tanking all together – but I’m determined. Everyone that I know claims that WoW is the easiest game in the world to play, that it is a game for children. I wonder if any of them have played a tank to 85 before, because there’s really nothing easy about it. It’s a challenge, and that’s why I’ll stick with it.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

3 thoughts on “When Did Your AC Break?! (Adventures in Failed Pick Up Lines) #WoW”
  1. Nobody likes caster mobs, but at least you’re better off than some other tank classes. I think what I enjoyed most about he warrior is the mobility, zipping back and forth nearly instantly via charge and friends.

  2. The targets are marked, either by myself or by a hunters mark. That doesn’t stop people from attacking whatever they want to attack. ;)

    It also doesn’t stop people from pulling on their own.

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