You’d think that after all of my adventures in Stonefield, I’d be eager to leave it behind. However; there was one achievement that still eluded me that I REALLY wanted to get – and it was the achievement for quests in Stonefield. 87 in total. Now, typically when you work on this achievement it happens naturally over the course of questing and you even end up with extra quests still to complete. Not the case in Stonefield. I had been sitting at 3 missing quests for quite some time now and I just could not for the life of me figure out what I was missing. Turns out I wasn’t the only one. In fact had I not done a search for this specific issue, I doubt I’d have completed at all.

Two of my missing quests were quite simple. One happened to be the quest over top of Deepstrike mines that I had forgotten about. I saw the quest on my way out of the instance the one time I had done it but it didn’t exactly click at the time. I went back and completed it, and then headed to another hub where I found my second missing quest, unlocked once I’d completed the first one.

The third and final missing quest remained a mystery for the better part of the day. Thanks to some amazing searching my better half stumbled into a video that showed us exactly where it was I needed to go. See that scaffolding pictured above? Yep. It’s on the very top of that and it’s not easy to get to. I spent the better part of an hour playing super mario with the scaffolding, making my way slowly to the top. Once you’re up there you’ll see a glowing pickaxe laying down that you can pick up.

For one portion of the scaffold climb, it was in my best interest to mount and jump into the corner on the outer edge of the scaffolding. A game of balance and many falls later (where I almost died, numerous times because taking ANY falling damage in Rift seems to be extreme).

Like I said, it wasn’t an easy climb at all. But well worth it!


That completed the achievement for Stonefield for me, and I was happy to do so. My cleric is now level 35, half way to 36. I’ve been questing in Moonshade (I believe that’s the name of the zone, I could be mistaken, but it does start with moon at least) which is a very nice change to Scarlet Gorge and Stonefield. I’m really eager to hit the 40’s and to be able to join in more adventures with my guild mates. This weekend I helped them do Iron Tombs on their alts, but healing it at level 35 wasn’t exactly a challenge. I’m still glad everyone had fun.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

5 thoughts on “Getting The Quest Completion Achievement in Stonefield #Rift”
  1. Sounds like Camp Fergos then. I just don’t recall seeing scaffolding near it. Time to go log in after Clear Skies 3 finishes downloading in another 5 minutes. . . .

  2. @Pkudude99 – the scaffold is right beside a quest hub, on the left hand side of it. The hub (name escapes me) is the one where there’s one quest npc wandering along the road out front. For defiants, that is.

  3. Where is this scaffold? I’ve never even heard of this quest.

    FWIW, there must be other quests somewhere — I’ve got the Stonefield completion achievement on 3 toons without the pick quest.

  4. I actually did this not too long ago and completed the same achievement. I wonder how many people end up with this as their last quest for it. Took me quite a while too. Couldn’t get that jump to the last cross beam, took me about the same amount of time, maybe a bit longer.

    @blue I’m not sure there if there are any extra quests actually, I didn’t see an 88th or 89th quest to take. Oh have you done that escort quest when you enter stonefield from freemarch and go left instead of right? That was one of my last ones.

  5. I’ve been stuck at 84/87 quest there for a long time myself. I’ve already done the one on top of Deekstrike Mine so I’m not sure what else I’m missing. One that I’ll never do though is the pick quest. I’ve gone back to that mega-fumoggin scaffold several times and tried to get to the top. It’s never going to happen.

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