At level 38 my cleric is now a 300 artificer. Thanks to doing dailies in Meridian I also had 3 artificer plaques that I was able to use to purchase a few epic recipes. I mentioned in a previous post that I think crafting is far too easy and thus it makes it a little useless for profit, and I hold by that fact. The gear is amazing, and is still better for my character then my quested gear. I know that will change as I hit 50 and want specific gear in order to queue for T2 heroic dungeons, but in the mean time crafted gear > all. Especially if you take the time to imbue it with the special stat shards you get. Anyhow. I hit 300 crafter, and then promptly picked up my first weekly crafting rift quest. It requires a few items that are difficult for me to get, including some semi rare mined items. I’ll either need guild mates to help me acquire these items, or I’ll have to wait until I can harvest them myself. I’m excited about being able to spawn (and complete) my first crafting Rift, although I am a little disappointed they can only be spawned once a week (per person). I really wish players had more methods of being able to earn the tokens required for recipes, after all you can run dungeons for plaques all day long if you want, but you can only do your crafting quests as a daily.

Speaking of dailies, at level 38 I made my way to Stillmoor (pictured above) in order to turn in my Master crafting daily. It was a dangerous walk since I was surrounded by level 45-48 mobs but I made it in one piece, and got to witness more of the beautiful zones that I’ve come to appreciate. While I was turning in my crafting daily my little hub came under attack by an invasion, and even though I was far too small to actually participate I threw a few dps attacks out here and there and walked away with an enormous amount of planarite (for me at least, the average from a regular rift is 40 or so, for this tiny invasion I managed 65). It was fun to participate and I got a lot of experience even if I was well under level. Perhaps I’ll have my guild mates drag me around to random high level Rifts so I can experience some of those (although I dare say I will get my fill of them once I hit level 50).

I’ve been questing in Moonshade, which is a lot of fun. I appreciate that there are more options for my 30’s and I’ve been spending all of my time in this one zone. I’m incredibly eager to hit 40 (probably today, if I work at it in any case) and then begin the final climb to 50. I’m already planning which alts I want to level up next and I imagine when all is said and done I’ll have one of each class. As well as crafters, of course.

I hope everyone is doing fantastic on this glorious Wednesday, no matter where you find yourself. Happy gaming!

One thought on “Ding, 300 Crafter – Bring on the Crafting Rifts #Rift”
  1. Gratz on 38 and on making 300 artificer! I’ve got a 300 runecrafter, who is also a 295 Outfitter and 200 Apothecary. My Artificer is 290, Weaponsmith is 285, and Armorsmith is 280, so I’m “right there” on all except apothecary, I just haven’t felt the need to make the final push yet.

    FWIW, your crafted stuff is all better than anything you find from regular questing as you level up until you get to level 48. On my cleric I had a full suit of Carmintium Chain all ready to go when I hit 48-50, but I never equipped a single piece of it — found upgrades before I ever put it on. I don’t know if that holds for artificer stuff too, but I’ve seen enough that I figure my outfitter won’t need to make cloth or leather for the rogue or mage once I finally get them to those levels.

    I totally agree it’s nice to have more options of where to go as you get higher in level. My next toon to get 40+ is going to Shimmersand. My cleric completely missed that zone. . . . She only did about half of Moonshade Highlands either, but she has completion achievements for Scarwood Reach, Droughtlands, and Iron Pine Peak. She also has barely touched Stillmoor, and still has a lot to do in that zone too. And this is before taking expert dungeons into account. . . .

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