I’m tired of rude obnoxious people, next time you reply to someone who is trying to help you out – don’t do like this person did. My tell at the top was the first comment I made to the person after replying twice in channels what they were looking for (the rare for level 32 crafted gear).

3 thoughts on “Why Be Rude? #EQ2”
  1. After a while playing MMOs I just took people being rude to me as an opportunity to laugh or even continue the conversation to see how unreasonably upset they could get. There’s no other sane reaction to interaction with these types of people. They don’t appreciate politeness or logic.

  2. Reminds me of the time when the warden evac spell for some reason dropped a master, in spite of it simply being an evac.

    I saw someone who had it up on the broker for some gadawfully outrageous price and knowing that it was a joke of a skill since the Apprentice version was really the only version, I sent him a nice email saying “Don’t know if you know this, but that spell is really only 1 quality level so you’ll probably have a hard time selling it, especially for that price. Might want to give it to a guildie for grins or keep it as a collector’s item or something instead.”

    I don’t recall his response word for word but I think this is fairly close: “Who the F*** do you think you are telling me what I can and can’t sell and for what price?!?!?!?! I know there’s some moron out there who will buy it so STFU already!” There must have been more becuz I remember being left with the impression that he was some know-it-all kid with an entitlement mentality too, and I don’t think those 2 sentences quite capture that feeling.

    Just silly. Granted, I was being a bit of a buttinsky with my suggestion to give it to a guildie or something, but to that level of a response? Riiiiiiigggghhhtt.

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