The little (not quite so little now) swashbuckler is coming along nicely. I had neglected her aa points (she only had 60 of them at level 81) leveling her up, with 18 hours played – but since picking the character back up I’ve switched her aa slider to a 50/50 method that seems to be working well. She’s now sitting at 155 or so, which is well above where I was at. I also managed to gain level 85 yesterday, and I’m inching my way towards 86 so that I can participate in public quests and earn a little gear. On that same note thanks to some helpful guild mates, I finished off the fabled portion of my epic.

My play time was spent going from dungeon to dungeon which I had missed leveling up – and it was a lot of fun. Unrest, Crypt of Valdoon, and instances in Cleft of Rujark all fell easily enough. Since I have 45 free days on my 2nd account I decided to activate it and boxed my 77 fury along for the ride, earning achievements in Sinking Sands and helping to level Ultann’s new illusionist. You may not like EQ2 very much, but in terms of “things to do” it still offers me more then any other game. Whether it’s adventuring, exploring, crafting, harvesting, housing, or something else of my own design (roleplay etc) there’s always a long list of items I want to work on. Next up? Probably those poor neglected Heritage Quests I’ve been putting off. Torrent Knights is about to hit guild level 55 and I’m very excited about that.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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