When I game, I’m usually playing one of two types of characters (as far as classes go). I’m either playing a healer or I’m playing a support class. Last night I managed to get my very first ‘pure dps’ class to level 90 – which is astounding for me considering I have 6 other (yes this makes it 7) level 90 characters. What dps was it that finally made it to the end? Swashbuckler. That brings my veteran bonus experience to 140% (20% per character) which plays out well for my other characters. I had a lot of gear saved up for her which was nice, a combination of PQ and Eq anniversary items that I’ve been saving for quite some time. Thanks to help from guild mates I finished my enervated, and while I’m pretty far in terms of aa (I am only sitting at 170 at this moment) I’m still pretty happy. That brings my list of characters to:

  1. 90 coercer
  2. 90 illusionist / 90 provisioner
  3. 90 warden / 90 woodworker
  4. 90 dirge / 90 alchemist
  5. 90 swashbuckler
  6. 90 defiler / 90 tailor
  7. 90 shadowknight
  8. 84 coercer (yes, I have three enchanters, I love them that much) / 90 carpenter
  9. 81 templar / 90 jeweler
  10. 52 (level locked) monk
  11. 35 (level locked) ranger

I still have one spare character slot, I haven’t decided if I’ll use it or wait to see what the 25th class is that Sony is adding. I was thinking I may enjoy a warlock or a wizard, but we’ll just have to see. With all of these alts you’d think that I never get anything done, but out of those characters I do have some “mini mains” that I tend to stick to consistently. I’ve barely played the illusionist this expansion, or the warden. The shadowknight is a solo character I use, the dirge and defiler are who I end up playing most of the time, with the coercer thrown in there when encounters demand it (like the final named in Tower of Frozen Shadow: SC that needs to be dispelled). While it may look like I have a lot of characters (and I suppose technically I do) I’m certainly not the only one who has this many level 90’s, or even this many characters. Channels on Antonia Bayle are filled with players advertising their army of alts LFG at any time during the day.

In any case, all that matters is that I’m having fun – which I am, despite not having a “main” to play. I hope everyone else has a fantastic day, no matter where you find yourself! Happy gaming!

2 thoughts on “My First “Real” DPS Class #EQ2”
  1. I still only have one character to level 90. I feel like such a slacker. (OTOH, I have done 4200-and-some-odd quests with that character.)

    And, what? We’re getting a new class? That is .. unexpected. See what happens when I stop reading EQ2 news sites for a while!

  2. Hi Stargrace,

    Your certainly not alone in not having a real main character, I love all my EQ2 children equally.

    I’m really looking forward to the cross-server grouping system going live. Not everyone likes PUG’s, but I had lots of fun before hitting level cap and mentoring down to solo instances became they way to go.

    New class – Yay!

    This may be the first comment I have ever left, but I am a long time reader of your blog. Not many EQ2 bloggers around, thank you!

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