I’ve been switching between a few characters lately, but only my swashbuckler has come very far in completing her coldain insignia ring. Players may remember this ring well from EQ1, and if you don’t – well. Consider yourself lucky. I’m still trucking away on Forgemaster faction for the prayer shawl, I have one more day before I’ll be at 40k faction and able to continue on with my shawl. I’m excited about that.

The first few coldain rings can be done solo, or in a small group if you prefer. They were a significant upgrade for me and thanks to a guild mate having an open x2 instance I managed to complete all of the rings up to the 2nd last one. Before I can get the quest for my final ring I’ll need to complete a bunch of other prerequisites that I don’t imagine I’ll finish off any time soon. We shall see.

EQ2 players are disappointed in the lack of bonus experience for this holiday weekend after finding out that EQ1 is getting bonus experience. What made things worse is that no one officially came out and said look, we’re simply not doing it, instead the messages on forums went unanswered. If there’s one thing gamers hate, it’s being ignored. Personally, bonus experience is always a nice thing (gives me time to work on my alts) but if we don’t get it so be it. I understand that with Fan Faire looming in the distance there may be other things on their minds. I think EQ2 is getting an SC sale and a firework festival, but as of yet neither of these things are live on servers (as of July 1st 11am EST).

I’m postdating this to yesterday since I neglected to post then, and I’m enjoying the rest of my holiday Friday. Happy Canada day to my fellow Canucks!

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