I’ve been busy questing through the Great Divide on my swashbuckler, and she managed to earn herself this really neat pirate outfit yesterday during one of her runs. Now I just need to complete my class hat (from the Kingdom of Sky quest chain) and the outfit will be complete. She also gained a gnomish pirate title which goes well with her swashbuckling pirate titles. Over all the ensemble is cute. Certainly not unique, but it is cute. I’m sitting at 188 aa, which is quite low for DoV but I’m getting there slowly. I managed to buy a really nice sword from the x2 raid dungeon that someone was selling yesterday, and I won an upgrade in Tower of Frozen Shadows: Shadow Corridors, which was great. I still really need to work on my faction so that I can buy some proper adornments, but I know that will come with time (and dedication of course).

Torrent Knights (the guild I run on Antonia Bayle) is also doing quite well. Last week we dinged level 55 which opened up two more amenity. We’re well on our way to 56, even with only a very small group in guild (there are 6 of us total). Tomorrow I’ll have 40k forgemaster faction, which means I can complete my prayer shawl and purchase the Thurgadin recipes for the rest of my crafters. I’m incredibly excited about this, even though I’ll have to hunt down other crafters to help me complete the portions that require help, but that’s alright.

I’m thinking of leveling up the swashbuckler as a weaponsmith, one of the three crafters I don’t currently have at 90 (I’m missing a sage and an armorer besides). I miss pristine bonus, but leveling up via rush orders is not that bad since it helps the guild out.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend, no matter where you find yourself. Happy gaming!


One thought on “Arr, I’m a Pirate! #EQ2”
  1. just try to hit up the PQs a few a day (beyond the 1 each for the faction jewels) you’ll pick up a bunch of AAxp (and a ton of plat) without thinking about it.

    Dont forget that when you complete the shawl, you get a large wad of Thurgadin faction, so thats worth pushing sooner then later if your faction grinding.

    I too miss the pristine bonus, but I find the write bonus’ more then make up for it, especially for the crafts that dont get a crafts only get a few recipes per level.

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