That’s right, after weeks of faction work I finally managed to gain 40,000 with the Forgemasters of Thurgadin. Even more excited then I was about the shawl was the fact that the recipes are heirloom, and I managed to pass them to my other 6 level 90 crafters. Of course the shawl is pretty nice too, and I owe a HUGE thank you to the husband and wife team who managed to make all of the combines for me, as well as to Shamah from guild who supplied the alchemist portion. It was hair-raising to do the final combine that required me to craft 5 items in 12 minutes and if I missed a reaction I would have died (literally) and had to start all over. Thankfully that did not happen, and I finished with 3 minutes to spare.

I had a commission for a combine shortly afterward, it used a gem and was a fabled combine using the Thurgadin recipes. Low and behold, Brell decided to bless me during the combine and so the recipient gained their rare gem back. I received a 2 plat tip which I was a little upset about considering Brell’s proc’d and their rare was worth 500+ plat on the Antonia Bayle server – but c’est la vie. Non-crafters rarely understand the amount of work (and coin) that goes into obtaining some of the quested rewards. For example the prayer shawl uses components from 9 crafters (which I tipped for, each piece), a rare ore, a bunch of fuel, etc. I could have decided not to wear the item and thus not proc on that combine, but what’s the point.

I’ll probably never see the item go off again, but it was still neat to witness. Now I just need to complete it on the other 5 crafters, and raise my three final crafters to 90 so that I have one on each of them. Also, the +25 to all stats is incredibly nice for future missions, especially the tinkering. I’ve got over +150 tinkering between the harvest cloak, the pack pony, the shawl, and various other pieces of gear which really comes in handy in order to raise the skill.

Happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

4 thoughts on “Finishing Off the Coldain Prayer Shawl #EQ2”
  1. I started working on my flying mount on my 55 wizard/90 sage the other day, but “just started” is all. And my 45 days have now passed. I’m thinking it won’t be too much longer until I come back to EQ2 “for real” though — I’m about rifted out, I think, and with the Station Pass dropping to $19.95 and me wanting to be able to do some more Vanguard and maybe even the SWG “closing days” stuff…. yeah, won’t be long.

  2. The shawl actually goes off quite a bit, never not be wearing it when crafting or harvesting (that +27% double harvest is huge).

  3. I haven’t put as much time into GW as I’d like, but yes there are a few screen shots of my adventures kicking around, hehe. Thank you!

  4. I noticed a Guild Wars Wintersday evening dress as header. I thoroughly approve. I did not know crafting a shawl is such dangerous business in EverQuest II! Congratulations on Brell’s Blessing.

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