Some times, my guild mates are just not interested in collecting a group of PUG in order to complete a dungeon, so for the fun of it we decide to head out in a trio and take on content that is meant to be done with a full group. Our first DoV instance this weekend ended up being Ascent, which (as it turns out) is incredibly easy to do in a trio consisting of a SK(or zerker, we did this zone twice), templar, and swashbuckler. We had no issues, and it was nice to gain gear for alts without having to worry about anyone besides guild mates rolling on it. We also decided to head to the zone after, Spire, and managed to get all the way to the snake boss (2nd last named) before calling it a night due to the hour. Sure, zones take a bit longer without an entire group but the atmosphere is always relaxed and friendly, which is something I really enjoy.

Take a different example, we decided to join a group that consisted of a SK (not a guild mate), a warlock, and then four guild mates. The zone was Tower of Frozen Shadow: SC – the easiest zone. The SK decided to parse our very first two encounters consisting of a bat and a skeleton, decided that 15k DPS (per person) was not enough, and left. Even though no one was paying attention to the entrance mobs and he never said it would be some sort of test as to whether or not we would continue. He then proceeded to LFG for the next hour in channels while we continued on – my swashbuckler tanked the zone and we decided to go as 5 instead of filling the 6th spot.

Ward of Elements was the next zone we decided to complete as a group of four – gathering another trophy for the guild hall. When that was completed (it took maybe 20 minutes, very quick) we headed to Munzok’s afterward and managed to defeat the first named before the 2nd one took us down (lack of mages meant we couldn’t take down the mage related add). It was still a great time even after the numerous wipes, and that was exactly how I wanted to spend my evening.

Happy 4th of July to all of my American readers and friends out there, I hope you have a fantastic weekend! No matter where you choose to spend it. Happy gaming!

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