I’ve reached the point in the DoV expansion where I’m starting to get a lot of daily quests that are required for me to further my faction. Thurgadin and Ry’gorr in specific offer some really nice faction obtained adornments, and your regular quests will only get you so far. I’ve been doing each of the PQ once a day in order to obtain faction shards that I can turn in (it’s a total of 2k faction a day which is nothing to sneeze at) as well as the daily shard mission which is quite handy. I realize the need for “something” to lure players in on a daily basis, but I really dislike daily quests. I find them (duh) repetitive. It’s not the fact that they are daily quests or that they repeat each day since that’s sort of the point, but that there are so many of them and you need to complete them each, daily. So you’re not just doing one quest every single day, you’re doing 4-5 or even more. That’s where I get bored with it.

The other down side is my ‘lack of a main’ situation. The faction items are heirloom at least, which means I only need to work on it for one character – but – deciding which character to work the faction on is difficult when I’m switching between what ever mood I happen to be in for the day. It started with the defiler, switched to the dirge and the coercer for a short time and (for now) I’ve settled with the swashbuckler. We’ll see how long that lasts (I think I’ve made it a week at the time of this post).

Fan Faire is just around the corner, and I am eagerly expecting some news on the 25th class to be added. I’ve got one single character slot left, and I (along with every other player in game I’m pretty certain am impatiently waiting to see what we get. A lot of people are pulling for beastlords, but personally I’m not sure that we need a third pet class. We’ll just have to see! What do you think it will be?

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

2 thoughts on “Dailies to Keep You Playing #EQ2”
  1. I agree that dailies are a bit naff.

    Not only are they dull, they just artificially limiting. Sometimes I want to grind, y’know? And just get a whole faction up to its highest in one day; dailies stop that.

    I see why it works as a “keep subbing” tool, but, blech. For people who have a lot of time to devote to a game, I find them infuriatingly limiting.

  2. Hi Stargrace,

    [/Humour on] When it comes to the new EQ2 class I think it’s pretty obvious as to what it will be.

    With Star Wars Galaxies closing down and the hope of not losing the player base, it’s almost certainly JEDI.

    I’m going for a duel lightsaber wielding Ratonga Sith myself, and hope to grind enough faction for the Sith Lord title. [/Humour off]

    Then again, the path of least work would be a new class using a lot of already tried and tested resources from the other classes in game.

    I would love a new pet class, especially if there was the ability to tame and acquire creatures actually in the different tiers of Norrath as you levelled. Summoner / Conjuror classes are great and very popular, but pet choice is a little limited even with the extra pet illusions. It would also be nice to gain muskets and pistols from the tinkerers or weaponsmiths. Hmm… Hunter class from WoW?

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