Petites (pictured left) is my templar – well. WAS my templar. She is now a proud inquisitor, sporting her enervated mythical thanks to guild mates last night who ran cella and research halls. Level 88 (almost 89) this will be my 8th level 90 character. She’s also my level 90 jeweler but more importantly she’s my very first EQ2 character that I created back in 2004. In fact she still has quests on her from early 2005 (screaming mace and another heritage quest) that I’ve never gotten around to completing. Now I keep them in there for nostalgia sake.

The bruiser is level 84, and I also have an 84 coercer, eventually I’ll have each of those to 90 as well I imagine. Last night I boxed with my new 2nd account, and moved a 90 necromancer over to AB so needless to say I have more then enough characters to fill whatever roll I happen to have my heart set on for the day.

The guild is doing great. We’re a small jump from 57, three more levels and we’ll have new bank tabs. We can always use those. It actually feels busy (during the weekends at least) with 6+ of us online, something I’m not used to. I enjoy our twisted sense of humor, and while we’re all typically doing our own things (we are far more of a social guild then anything else) it’s comforting to know friends are around. Plus amenity come in handy.

For those who may not have heard the announcement – EQ2 is going to be offline tomorrow for 7 hours for an update:

Beginning July 12, 2011 at 1:00 a.m. US Pacific Time, we’ll be performing maintenance on all games and services. During this maintenance, our forums, websites and games will also be unavailable. The estimated downtime for the maintenance is 7 hours.

We apologize for this interruption and will resume the affected services as soon as the maintenance is completed.

I wonder if this is to fix gifting (which has been disabled this past week due to heavy exploits) or any of the other numerous bugs that have shown up over the last little while. Two off hand (besides the station cash exploit) is guild halls and multi housing. If a player is inside the guild hall and relinquishes their home from the portal that takes you to your house, it will actually relinquish the guild hall. NOT a good thing. On that same note, if you happen to own multiple homes and transfer to a new server, all of those homes except your last purchase will vanish, along with everything inside of them. This one I know from personal experience as I have been waiting for the return of my home (via petition) since June 25th. No luck yet.

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend, no matter where you found yourself. Happy gaming!

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