Last night was one of those hilarious nights that happen only once every so often and then I end up cherishing it for years to come. My guild mates and I don’t typically use voice chat, but every so often we get the urge and last night was the night. There was myself, Ultann, Wiqd, and Ibeogur and the laughs just didn’t stop. Our humor is completely off the wall and I’d have felt bad if any ‘regular’ people joined into the fray, there’s a reason Torrent Knights is a guild of 7 people rather then any of us joining an “actual” guild after all (we’ve tried that rout, a few times. It never works out).

Most of the later evening was spent in Kael trying to find gems for T2 Ry’Gorr armor that never dropped. I played the swashbuckler in the hopes that I could earn a few more aa (I’m sitting at 232 right now which I think is pretty nice). Yesterday I ended up losing 40 DoV shards thanks to a kitty keyboard attack that stopped production of the item, so I have a petition in to see if there’s any way I can get those back. 40 shards is a lot of dungeons (to me at least).

I’m really anxious to see the upcoming EQ2 changes. I’m eagerly awaiting the fixed itemization for gear 1-70 especially master crafted gear. There’s no reason for leather to have agi when brawlers and druids (the only two leather wearing classes at the moment) don’t use the stat. I’m sure it’s an enormous job to undertake but it’s been broken for far too long now.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself! I’ll see you in Norrath.


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