Progression is natural in most MMOs, and it’s no different with EQ2. There’s a progression of levels, be it crafting or adventuring, faction, gear, etc. A lot of people complain about progression along the lines of “what’s the point, it’s just going to be replaced in XYZ months” and to some degree they are correct. It’s still nice to be at your ‘best game’ before that happens though. Or at least that’s what I’ve found.

Guild mates and I headed to Kael and had a lot of fun. We did Iceshard Keep which was pretty easy for just four of us. My scout managed to get herself a new breast piece this morning which was fantastic, and I bought a 2hb weapon for the bruiser before leveling her to 85 – she has five more to go. I have four basic “mains” (this week at least) that I’ve been working on, one for each subclass, the bruiser (fighter), coercer (mage), swashbuckler (scout) and defiler (priest). The rest are just ‘for fun’ that I play around on when I’m bored or need a break. Because EQ2 is the only game I’m playing at the moment I need lots of “other stuff” to keep me interested. Thankfully, I find that easily in game.

A huge thank you to the 2nd person who has donated to MmoQuests (via paypal donation top right hand side) it’s really appreciated. I’ve had the site running for 6 years now and have been happily paying for hosting since I started. They made a suggestion that I feature more player-written books from my library – so I am going to take them up on that and tomorrows post will be one of the player-written books that I’ve got in my collection. I haven’t decided which one yet. If you have a suggestion for which one you’d like to read please feel free to leave it in comments below – I realize not everyone can get to my in-game library to enjoy the books. You can find the list of them under the heading at the top of this site.

While I am having fun in EQ2 I feel a bit odd about it because a lot of my friends are not playing. They’re sort of spread all over between Rift, STO, WoW, and a few other games. Some have given up MMO gaming all together, although I have been enjoying a lot of single player stories as of late. I suppose that’s one thing I really miss about “the old days” when there were fewer choices and I knew where everyone was. On that same note I’m very thankful for social media places like twitter and G+ because it allows me to keep in touch even though none of us are playing the same games any more.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Wednesday, no matter where you find yourself. Happy gaming!


2 thoughts on “Pondering Progression #EQ2”
  1. I started a Ratonga Inquisitor a few weeks back, I wanted a slow quest burning toon for a spot of extreme questing after reading Arkenor’s blog. I got to around 500 quests at level 14 but I want a Beastlord now god’damn it!

    I found the Inquisitor a lot of fun and very capable, especially for someone who mostly solo’s like me. At the moment his adventure career is on hold until we get the chance play with the new Beastlord class in November, but he is definitely not getting deleted. Currently I spend a couple of hours with him each week levelling as a Jeweller.

  2. You’re still on AB (again,) right? It so happens that I’m playing EQ2 again, mostly in the mornings as my shift allows. Right now I’m trying an Illusionist (Dirrha) for the first time and it’s neat so far, if a bit tricksier than I’m used to.

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