It never fails. I’m sitting in the public channels while going about something in game and I hear the usual conversation of “such and such game sucks” and numerous reasons why. One reason that always seems to come up is “the graphics are too much like a cartoon and that must mean it’s for little kids”.  I’ve never really understood this complaint because it’s an art style, and has nothing to do with game play. You’re not expected to like every single art style out there but why the hatred towards those that do? Why is it so difficult for MMO players in specific to understand and respect a difference in opinion. A lot of people are not fond of the style of art found in Aion – but I wonder if they look at the art style and associate it with a type of game, and thus they’ve already judged what sort of game it is before even giving it a shot. The same goes for any other game out there – like World of Warcraft. Players take one look at the graphics, and go ew mentally in their head. Once you’ve come to that decision it’s really hard to open up and give it another chance. By that same token, there are those out there who do not like the look of EQ2 at all. Of course that’s going to affect your game play and decisions about whether or not to play because guess what, no one wants to spend hours looking at something they just find repugnant as a hobby. Well, maybe a few out there do. Most would rather not.

For those asking, yes I’m still playing on the Antonia Bayle server. I have a whole mess of characters if you want to add to friends: Stargrace, Ellithia, Jacquotte, Minxes, Ishbel, Faralithe, Arysh, Sharatan, Trinetta, Kameeko, Petites, Seduisant, and Seduit. I think that’s all of them.

Thanks to the newly acquired 2nd account from the other half, I’ve got my first 90 weaponsmith. He had leveled the character to 81 but hadn’t progressed any further, so last night I decided (as my bruiser was leveling) to do a few writs, and before I knew it I was 90. That means all I’m missing from my ‘collection’ is a sage and an armorer. Of course it also means I need to keep both accounts open if I want to make use of the other crafter, but that’s not too difficult of a choice for me at least (at this point in time). I am not sure if I will want to keep both accounts open once mercenary release, that’s something I’ll just have to wait and see.

My 9th level 90 managed to level up last night, the bruiser. That gives me 180% xp bonus for having max level characters, something I can take advantage of when the next expansion releases since there’s no increase. Leveling is really easy in EQ2 (at least, I find) and this will come in handy when I create a beastlord, as well as working on my aa points. I’m excited about the bruiser, I’ve never really played one to any great extent and they’re a lot of fun. Plus I’ve gotten some nice pretties for her over the last little while, so she’ll have some gear including a raid weapon.

Thursday! Only one more day until the weekend starts. I hope everyone is having a fantastic week thus far, no matter where you find yourself. Happy gaming! I’ll see you in Norrath (and Telon).

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