With so many characters at my disposal a great amount of time is spent deciding what I want to do, and who I want to do it on. I bounce between all of my characters on a daily basis, my whims changing on who I want to play (for some pretty silly reasons some times). I have been attempting to focus on two characters while I play the others as I’m bored or restless. So far those two selected are my swashbuckler, and my defiler. I’ve been focusing on getting them both gear, adornments, and aa. Neither of them have hit the 300 mark yet but I’m hoping that it comes to pass (eventually).

Long term I have four characters that I’m some what dedicated towards. That would be the swashbuckler, defiler, coercer, and bruiser. It’s no coincidence that there’s one of each class, either. One day I have high hopes that each of these characters will have 300 aa – but that’s a long time in the future, if ever.

This weekend is incredibly quiet in guild with two of the core members away for various real life functions. I spent this evening out at the National Art Center here in Ottawa, taking in The Lion King broadway musical. It was very well done and I had an amazing time. It was also a huge step forward for me as I suffer from agoraphobia and dislike being in situations that I can’t escape easily from (like balconies in theaters). The set design took my breath away and the story (one we’re no doubt all quite familiar with) was portrayed in such a unique manor.

Back to EQ2 – SOE has disabled the Dragon Ring / Wizard spire event until next week. There were a few bugs with it, number one it was running too quickly and thus progressing too quickly which meant that people who were away for the weekend or unable to participate would miss out on obtaining tokens. In fact as of this morning (and a few hours before) Antonia Bayle was 99% completed. Except the final encounter also did not work, in Eastern Wastes there is an epic x4 that was defeated and yet they remained at 99% completed even afterward. Rumor has it (I have yet to confirm the later portion at least) that the event will change frequency and be once every (3?) few hours instead of every 30 minutes. Thus it will take longer to complete. On that same note, I had heard (but not confirmed personally) that any progress over 50% will be wiped from the slate, and servers will have to work back up to 100% completion again.

While I realize these things happen, I can’t help but wonder what caused the issues. The event was on the test server for a few weeks before running live – the timer issue I can see because apparently it’s as simple as the event running every 30 on the test server and forgetting to switch it when it was moved to the live server. However, the end event not triggering properly is a bit odd. I think that perhaps with Fan Faire looming at the time things were not looked at as carefully as they should have been, it’s a crazy time of year for everyone involved.

I did manage to run the event a few times before it was taken offline. I purchased a replica of the Dragon Rings, as well as some teleporters for my house and a velium shard or two. That was another thing I didn’t quite agree with, every hour a player could earn a shard if they hung around afk in the area and picked up the quest for 25 tokens each time. Hopefully before this goes live again all of the kinks are ironed out.

How is everyone else spending their weekend? Inquiring minds wish to know! Let me know in comments. As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

2 thoughts on “Updates Galore #EQ2”
  1. I spent my weekend in Telara, as has been my wont lately. Got my cleric through a few T1 dungeons, so I have a few “plaques of achievement” now, though not enough to buy any gear pieces yet. Also was part of an “expert rift run” where special rift lures are used that open rifts with T1 difficulty monsters in them. Actually got a nice 1H mace upgrade for when I’m in my tanking role. I was also able to get the materials to have some epic/purple armor pieces crafted for me by one of my guild’s smiths. My smith is high enough level to do it, but doesn’t have the right currency to buy the recipes yet :-( I’m getting there, though. . . . .

    Still and all… reading your adventures in Norrath is definitely enticing me to want to come back to that world.

  2. It rained all weekend here in England, so I got to spend more time than usual in Norrath – Yay!

    I gained a couple of levels on my Ratonga Swashy, now at 84. Then spent a few hours on a rampage 2-boxing my two Ratonga Shadow Knights, one is at 90 the other now up 3 levels to 58.

    On Sunday – things dropped to a more sedate pace as I quested with my Ratonga Inquisitor. He is locked at level 19, and now has completed 538 quests – putting him at position 14 on the Oasis tier 2 questing leaderboard. Chasing the top position isn’t my real goal, getting AA points and doing as much content as possible is. But I have to admit that the extra challenge has saved me from the constant urges to unlock him and power on up to the higher levels.

    I’ve found myself using a notebook a lot more this year; it has helped me in being a little bit more productive with my time. I only get around 90 minutes of gaming time each night (more than some players I know), so planning ahead and keeping track of what my characters are doing really helps maximise what I can achieve.

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