There have been a few debates rising up lately from SLR (selling loot rights) – some people are for it (naturally) and others are against it. In EQ2 gear becomes bound to you when you do an instance. You’re able to trade that loot with anyone who was in the instance for 48 hours after it was looted. What players do is leave the item in the chest, change the loot options to leader only (thus allowing you to assign the loot to someone) auction the gear in a channel, invite the winner to the group, summon them to the dungeon, and pass them the loot. I’ve never personally had an issue with this method of obtaining loot, if players wish to spend their money on this sort of thing then why not. I think it helps casuals gain items that they may not have otherwise been able to gain, and it helps bolster community. Most of the public discussions on Antonia Bayle happen in the auction channel. I understand that my thoughts on this are not the same thoughts as the entire community though and the idea of “if you didn’t earn it yourself you have no right to it” also runs strong. To the left hand side is an auction that was taking place last night, myself bidding on a ring (which I eventually won). For some odd reason Conterary felt the need to call me a slut simply because I had out bid him (her?) on this item. I’ve never spoken to them before in my life, have no idea who they are or why they felt the need to call me names based on an auction. I don’t even really understand the whole name calling scenario, or why people resort to this method of insult first. To me name calling is a definite no-no, and it’s one of my biggest pet peeves.

What are your thoughts on selling loot? Do you wish the ability to do so were removed? What if all of the no-trade flags were removed so that gear could simply be placed on broker? Let me know in comments!

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself. I’ll see you in Norrath!

9 thoughts on “Selling Loot Rights #EQ2”
  1. If they got rid of looting rights, what else would we use our plat for? I have about 3k plat and nothing to use it on

  2. While I’m not completely for the selling for loot rights, I think it’s a system similar to using tokens in exchange for gear. Depending on your raid rules, there’s a chance that someone will never get an item due to an unlucky RNG. Being able to “buy” gear gives a linear progression where you are guaranteed something if you grind/farm enough (money).

    It’s simple to remove SLR from the game though. Restrict eligibility for the loot to only the individuals present during the encounter. An LD but still in group would still be considered as being part of that problem. Problem solved.

  3. It’s a bit on the cheesy side, if you ask me, but it’s also not something I’d work myself into a lather over. Then again, I’m not a fan of no-trade/BoP on items, so I think you ought to be able to just slap it on the broker anyway. I’d imagine the thinking is that doing it that way would encourage plat selling.

  4. Yeah, since the whole no-trade thing was supposedly to prevent the gold sellers from being able to broker items they looted for high value, but then you can sell loot rights anyway, so the gold sellers can still get around that restriction. . . no reason to inconvenience everyone. Get rid of all the no-trade flags and just let the good stuff be put on the broker again.

  5. Yeah I love loot rights. Good way to get rid of plat as they have anything of value tagged “No-Trade”. I just wish they would get rid of the “No-Trade” flags already….

  6. Ultann and I had a small discussion about this the other night. We both agreed that if you’re not in a raid guild, buying loot to gear yourself is HIGHLY preferable to sitting in a raid wiping with a bunch of retards.

  7. Sounds like a great system to me, too.

    But the name calling part of this post is exactly why I distance myself from other players as much as possible.

  8. Actually, that sounds like a really excellent system to me.

    It sounds to me like Conterary was trying to unnerve you, though, in the hopes that you’d skip a beat and stop bidding

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