My swashbuckler finally made it over the 250 aa mark, it’s the first character I’ve managed to do that with, and only one expansion late. That means I’m finally working on the DoV aa (well, I have been for a while but I’m finally working on the later tiers of it). I picked up a few master spells off of the broker and she’s almost completed her collection. I also managed to craft another piece of Ry’Gorr armor (pants!) so she’s nearing “completion” for me. Next I’ll be focusing on the defiler, who is lacking Ry’Gorr and adornments.

Yesterday was a lot of fun, the weekly shard quest was Tower of Frozen Shadow, so we (guild mates of course) headed out to Shadowed Corridors and made short work of the Librarian. Next we hit Umbral Halls, and finally Haunt. We managed to complete all three of the zones, even though we were one person short and I was boxing my swashbuckler / necromancer together. The necromancer won herself a nice new robe, and I made a Ry’Gorr forearm piece. Drahk managed to pick up a few pieces of fighter gear, since he’s a new level 90 shadowknight pretty much everything was an upgrade. It was nice and incredibly rewarding to take down the final boss (the x2) in Haunt. It’s a difficult fight on the best of terms, and since we were so under staffed I was wondering if it was something we could even complete. The best part was that we all had a great time, which is the most important part to me in any situation. Guild groups are always nice and relaxing and if we wipe 10x to one encounter it’s always a learning experience.

Speaking of, the guild is also inching its way through level 58, which I’m pretty excited about. Another row of bank tabs at level 60 and more amenity (although I haven’t spent the last amenity we earned) are always welcomed.

It seems like each time a patch goes by the harder zones of DoV have been downgraded a little, so it shouldn’t be too long before we find ourselves in there. We have tried a little Kael, but I’d like to attempt the Drundar instances. We’ll just have to see.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself! I’ll see you in Norrath!

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