It was time for another (yes another) alt. This time I’m leveling up a mystic on my second account, to go along with the shadowknight and necromancer I already have. So far she’s sitting at level 56, and yesterday I spent a bit of time in one of my favorite zones, Obelisk of Lost Souls. This zone has some amazingly disturbing books that players can complete, filled with void-related nursery rhymes and other tales of horror. One of my favorite parts of any zone are the little details that you stumble upon. For example, in Obelisk of Lost Souls you come to a room that’s filled with glass display cases (pictured above) with ancient scrolls kept inside. In one of these cases the scroll is missing, and shattered glass litters the ground. Of course my mind wanders – what happened to the scroll? Was it valuable? Who took it? What did it say? These little details are what keep me transfixed about a game, little stories that the game doesn’t necessarily come out and tell me about, but that I notice none the less.

It has been an incredibly warm week for myself and a lot of my friends (the city of Ottawa reached 117F yesterday, something I’ve never actually experienced before) so I don’t have much to update with. I DID spend a bunch of time yesterday updating my player-written library page here on the site, as you can see I have made it over the 550 book mark! Thanks to some wonderful donations from players. I received over 20 books in the last little while, each of them filled with a fantastic story. Thank you to everyone who donated a book! I’m hoping to extend it past the 600 mark before too long, but that will depend on generous donations and what I can find on the broker.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself! I’ll see you in Norrath.


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