Yesterday I decided that Torrent Knights really did need a T2 hall (we don’t really NEED one, but I wanted one) and I set out to purchase a Freeport guild hall for everyone to enjoy. The hall cost 250p and thankfully our amenity traveled with us as well as escrow, so I didn’t need to pay more money. I’ve started decorating it (slowly) and managed to set up our main entrance, where we can display the trophies we’ve accumulated over time. I also set up the crafting area, since that’s the portion of the hall most used. We used to own one some time ago but when the guild became stagnant I decided I couldn’t afford the upkeep, and I downgraded us.

Anyhow. The guild is nearing the level 60 mark by leaps and bounds, we’re already 1/3rd of the way into 59, which is fantastic. I have been doing writs on my weaponsmith as I level her up and it’s nice to see the bar moving slightly, even if it’s not a great amount. We were welcomed with another new player yesterday, and hopefully they find it as welcoming as everyone else has so far.

This weekend SOE is offering bonus xp for players – it counts towards aa, adventure, and crafting. I have no doubt in my mind that Antonia Bayle will be bursting at the seams, and I’m probably going to try to level the last two crafters I need at 90 which are my sage and my weaponsmith (the weaponsmith will probably hit 90 today, she’s level 70 at the moment). Aside from that I have no great plans, relaxing and spending my time where ever I find myself. I know it’s a bit silly to be thinking of the weekend when it’s only Wednesday, but hey we all need something to look forward to.

As the guild becomes decorated I’ll be sure to post more pictures and maybe a video or two, we’ll just have to see. In the mean time, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.


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