This weekend was by far one of the most productive weekends I’ve ever had in game. To start things off it’s a long weekend here in Canada (thank you Civic Holiday) and I had no plans besides a BBQ on Sunday and some groceries, which meant 90% of the rest of my time was spent gaming, something that’s nice to do every so often especially when there’s bonus experience. Here’s a general “wrap up” of everything I managed to accomplish:

  • Swashbuckler – reached 300 aa (my first character to ever do so)
  • Inquisitor – went from 130 aa to 293
  • Shadowknight – reached 300 aa
  • Bruiser – went from 120 aa to 220
  • Mystic – went from 70aa to 150 aa and also dinged 83
  • Troubador, coercer, and illusionist all picked up a handful of aa (10-30)
  • Coercer – dinged 90 sage (from 65) and now I have all 9 crafters at 90

It was pretty great. Guild mates also managed to earn levels, aa, and achievements this weekend as they soaked up the bonus experience. I dare say it was actually the quietest I’ve ever seen guild because we were all concentrating on the matter at hand, but there were a lot of people around.

How did you spend your bonus experience weekend? Did you manage to get everything done that you wanted? Perhaps you spent it at tinkerfest (more about that coming in another post) – and don’t forget today starts the Kelethin city festival!

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself. I’ll see you in Norrath!

9 thoughts on “Crazy Bonus Experience Weekend”
  1. With hindsight I could have perhaps achieved a little more with planning, but I wanted a break away from questing or crafting – so spent my time on a 2-boxed SK instance running rampage.

    On my main account level 90 Shadow Knight I gained around 43 AA’s and got his Transmuting skill up to 450. My secondary SK gained a nice 13 levels to 82, and a stack of AA’s.

    The main thing is I had great fun, even if my secondary account and 2-boxing future is in uncertain at the moment due to an ever growing interest in Bioware’s – Star Wars: The Old Republic. But at least EQ2 accounts are as easy to turn on and off like bath taps.

  2. Double XP weekends always make me grumpy, as I have far more time during the week than I do on the weekends. I did manage to nab a level or two and a few AAs on a couple toons, but didn’t accomplish much. Perhaps one of these days they’ll consider a double XP week, for us weekday warriors. =)

  3. That’s a pretty impressive list. I myself was happy to have gotten my swashbuckler from 47 to 57, and from 78 to 116 AA. But as my first character in EQ2 in 5 years, and the first to progress past… level 6 or so? It’s still all a new experience, and I enjoy slowly progressing upwards. (Well, come to think of it, I did work on my carpenter a bit too, and got from 60 to 73).

  4. I sorted my bags and got a tinkered backpack. Mostly everyone in my guild was far more interested in Tinkerfest than the xp bonuses.

    I did manage to do about 10 AAs in Stormhold on my level-locked bruiser, though.

  5. I did spend some time working on my Necro, Zerker and my Illy. I got a ton of AA and even some levels out of it. Unfortunately, Sunday was near a total wash because of some personal issues. But hey I also had a lot of fun with my guildies, and even finished ToFS:UH. (They really need to work on the Loot table for this zone)

  6. @Scopique – I decided on my lower level character, that aa would be best. I find levels pretty “easy” relatively speaking to obtain, but aa take me *forever* to get. So if there’s bonus experience, that’s what I want to work on.

    Also, congratulations on reaching 20!

  7. I managed to complete that “get to level 20 in 14 days” quest done, thanks to the XP boost!

    In situations like this, I’m a little torn between leveling to a “useful” level, and making the character “useful” by grinding aa, even AT the lower levels.

  8. Unfortunately I was way too busy this weekend. Had a few things going on both Saturday and Sunday. However I did manage to catch my warden up to my SK a bit from 20 to 42, and I got both around 30-40 AAs each. They were flying by so quickly that I lost track of where each of them started. I think I maybe made one level on the SK before I flipped it to pure AA to let the warden truly catch up.

  9. Dang, that’s a lot of AA gain. . . . .almost enough to make me wish I’d been playing EQ2 this weekend. My inquisitor could have used a nice AA bump like that ;-)

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