There are two amazing festivals going on right now in game. One is Tinkerfest, where you can help gnomes around Norrath with various tasks as well as harvest shiny cogs for crafting and purchased goods. There’s a shiny collection (found where ever you find gnomes) many fireworks and other goodies. If you haven’t checked it out yet I highly suggest you head to Steamfont Mountains. On top of Tinkerfest, it’s also the first week of August, which means another city festival. This month the festival is in Kelethin, you’ll find some sky races, as well as numerous NPCs eager to take your city tokens. There’s appearance gear and a lot of housing items, some of it unique to Kelethin (such as floor tiles). I had a good 300 city tokens stored up from leveling my crafters to 90, so I went a little crazy and purchased as much as I could. A few paintings for my Norrathian Museum, and a bunch of floor tiles for a future project (yet unnamed). Player housing is a way for me to relax in game without the pressures of leveling / questing / raiding, and it’s something I’ve said time and time again that more games need. These little ‘extras’ for when we don’t feel like character progression in the traditional sense.

Pictured above is my “door” to the Norrathian Museum. The amusing part is that I’ve technically got 1066 items in the home, but only 407 of those count towards the item count because player-written books (and a few other items, like L&L books etc) don’t count towards your total. That’s a lot of books in my house. In fact I’ve gotten to the point now where I actually lag a little upon entering the library, something I have NEVER had an issue with in the past. I knew it was about time though.

When you’re not progressing your character through traditional means (leveling, aa, questing, raiding) how do you like to spend your time in game? Are you forever hunting after that elusive shiny to add to your collection? Do you like to sit back and relax crafting? Or are you like many of us out there, glued to the layout editor, working on your humble abode? Let me know below in comments!

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself. I’ll see you in Norrath!

4 thoughts on “Bring On The Festivals #EQ2”
  1. Shinies catch my attention a lot! I leveled Morgose from 50 to 61 and got 11 AA with 37 collections, RAF and double xp weekend. It was awesome! I do also love crafting and housing of course.

  2. Heh. I thought you were talking about the two upcoming player festivals that will be coming Soon ™. Festival of the Sands in Maj’Dul in August and Festival of Discord in Commonlands in (I think) October.

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