There are a few fantastic player-run  events on Antonia Bayle, and if you want to hear about them you can /join festival (or even /join antonia_bayle festival if you’re interested from another server) where they’re typically announced, with instructions on individual events at a later date. I always love going to these events, some of the largest ones include the Festival of Unity and the Festival of Discord, a 3rd newer one was added not so long ago, Festival of the Sands – this takes place in – you guessed it – Sinking Sands. It takes place later this august (exact dates escape me, I’ll have to do some research) and if you’re looking for fun in the sun this will be the place to head.

I had been saving my final character slot for a beastlord when they release in November, but of course patience is not one of my strong points, and I decided to create a warlock last night. Thanks to the 180% veteran bonus I have on the account and one large ogre, in two hours she had reached level 63. I’ve always wanted a warlock but had never leveled one up before, and I find them fascinating. Whether or not I’ll actually play her in any honesty I am unsure, but it’s fun in the mean time. Thankfully all hopes of owning a beastlord are not lost, as the station cash store sells character slots for $10 each, which is not too bad.

I also finally spent some time in Tinkerfest, collecting cogs and saving gnomes. Crafted an awesome looking cog backpack – I love how backpacks can have appearance in game. There’s only a few more days left to take advantage of this festival as well as the Kelethin city festival, so be sure to take a peek before it’s gone for this year!

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself. I’ll see you in Norrath!

8 thoughts on “Festival of the Sands – Coming to Antonia Bayle Soon(tm)”
  1. @Ardwulf I too would love to see a post on how that was done as well.

    I actually rage quit from EQ2 a few years back due to guild drama, but still thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. I plan on coming back when Beastlords are released and I would love to see a post detailing how you managed to level so quickly. Since I haven’t played in so long I doubt I would try to bypass everything, but it might be really handy to know for some of those rough leveling spots. I remember 65-70 being particularly difficult for some classes.

  2. @Widdershins – no quests, and no collections – you can see where I leveled on eq2players under Lysthia’s profile once it updates (It hasn’t added the character yet because she was just created yesterday). Also remember there’s vitality, which is another 200% so it’s actually 490% + 10% mentor mount + 10% mentor bonus, so that’s over 500% bonus exp and mass rooms of slaughtering mobs.

  3. Even with 290% exp, that still seems extremely fast. Was it mostly through collections or actual questing/grinding?

  4. @Scopique – I find leveling in EQ2 VERY easy, I have 180% base bonus + I did use a 110% potion from /claim, and I’m fairly confident I could have gotten to 90 if I had of spent the whole day / evening leveling instead of just 2 hours, but yeah. Leveling in EQ2… easy. AA on the other hand, I have a real hard time with. It wasn’t until we had the bonus xp weekend that I even hit the cap on any one of my characters, from any expansion.

  5. I only have 3 characters at level 90, but one of them is my warlock. I’ve always loved that class, even when we were supposedly “nerfed into oblivion” waaaaaaay back in LU13. To this day, I just love watching all the pretty orange numbers flying when I get on a roll. . . . .

    And yes, Scopique — she levels fast. She did a post a while back talking about 3-box grinding and getting a monk from level 1 to 80 in a single day of playing. Seems she doesn’t quite have to do it that way now what with the “large ogre” though ;-)

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