A few of you left comments about how quickly I had leveled my warlock and wanted to know how I did it, so I decided to post the path I took. Now the warlock is level 78 but I haven’t really been playing her, she’s got 9 hours played at level 78 but a large portion of that was me standing around AFK while I did a few RL chores at the higher levels. A few things to keep in mind.

Number one – I have 180% veteran bonus due to max level characters. I also had full vitality (200% b0nus), and used my orb of concentrated memories (veteran reward) that restocked the vitality. I used one 110% potion (lasts for two hours), had 10% bonus due to being mentored, and had a 10% bonus due to the RAF mount (no RAF account though, that was some time ago). So in total I was sporting a hefty 500%+ bonus during the majority of this.

Number two – I was being PL’d by a berserker friend of mine in DoV T2 gear (ry’gorr) with a few odds and ends of x2 gear. No EM/HM x4 gear (easy mode, hard mode).

Number three – I have leveled in EQ2 SO many times, it’s really second nature. I follow the same path every time. By the char above you can see Lysthia (the warlock) and here’s how I leveled her and where:

  • 2-12 Commonlands. Started by the gates to West Freeport AOE killing snakes. Moved towards Dog Pond and killed dogs. Slowly walked North towards Wailing Caverns which would be the next destination once the warlock hit 10+.
  • 13-20 Wailing Caverns. Actually turned xp off for this zone and worked on aa. Mass slaughtered everything, the zone was empty for once. At 20, it was time to move on.
  • 21-33 Fallen Gate. I was afraid that this zone would turn grey before I had time to complete it. It’s filled with heroic mobs, and fantastic experience plus a lot of named. For whatever reason it was also empty. Helps a lot when power leveling.
  • 34-35 Enchanted lands, just running to Runnyeye for the next little bit. Discovery experience + a few mobs on the way there.
  • 36-41 Runnyeye, just running through the entire zone.
  • 42 Zek, the Orcish Wastes. Was going to go to DFC because it’s fantastic discovery and named – BUT – the final boss is already 42. I didn’t want to out level it there. We decided to go to The Temple of Cazic-Thule instead.
  • 43 The Feerrott, dinged on the way to CT due to discoveries.
  • 44-48 The Temple of Cazic Thule. Started upstairs, moved downstairs after, and then eventually into the instance once we’d collected golem hearts.
  • 49-50 The Sanctum of Fear. Loads of mobs in this instance in CT, collect golem hearts outside first so that you can spawn the named.
  • 51-54 The Sanctorium. It was instance time. This is located in Sinking Sands. Lots of mobs, mass pulled everything. I think I dinged twice just from one pull.
  • 55 – The Hidden Cache. Another instance in Sinking Sands. Not as many mobs as the Sanctorium.
  • 56-58 – Clefts of Rujark. A great zone if you can find it empty. There’s a number of instances inside, loads of named.
  • 59 – Vault of Dust. Instance in Clefts.
  • 60 – Clefts of Rujark. On the way to another instance.
  • 61 – Scornfeather Roost. 2nd instance in Clefts of Rujark, loads of mobs
  • 62 – Poets Palace. Went here just because I love the zone. Desert of Flames is a great expansion, and I really enjoy adventuring through it.

At this time my 2h potion had run out, so there’s 62 levels in two hours. I continued off and on for the next two days, and am now 78.

Total Time Played 9 Hours 59 Minutes

13 thoughts on “How: Level 1-62 in Two Hours #EQ2”
  1. @Threllgar – for this character, that is correct (I did loot!) but we take turns PLing one anothers characters, and I boxed my own for the 62-90 run.

  2. So Stargrace you actually did nothing while your friend did all the work


    Very nice work though!

  3. The fastest I’ve managed at the moment is a SK to level 82 in 3 days and 15 hours, but I did stop to do 32 quests along the way.

    Sometimes it’s fun to have a character or two that you just go wild with, and not think of AA points or getting certain things done. I also keep these characters out of guild for some me alone time.

  4. That is pretty amazing. You did in two hours what I’ve done in 10 and a half weeks, seeing how I reached 62 just last night. ;)

    Then again, it’s my first serious character ever, so no bonus, no idea what the zones are like, but also no rush. I bet the second, third, … sixth character (if I ever get to that) will be a lot faster, too.

  5. Nice feat Star ;)

    Playing the Zerk myself I already know what a powerlevel machine they are. Interesting to see others take on the PL grind spots I run a slightly differing PL route:

    1-18 Killing in newby area on way to Blackburrow

    18-24 Blackburrow, can press Insolence at the top by the tree and pull most of the bottom area.

    24-40 Ruins of Varsoon. Cheap, and fast

    40-60 Cazic Thule

    60-70 Sanctum of the Scaleborn

    I have done this same thing for 6 characters now, still nowhere near your 180% bonus though! (One account has 100%, the other has 80%)

    Current record is 1-90 in 7 hours /played, and will only get faster.

    Note to self, get more bonus exp from max level toons!

  6. @Kaylita – there’s a reason those are not on the list – those are very busy zones already packed with others leveling. I like the quiet places much better. :)

  7. Nice walkthru. I’m surprised to see Blackburrow, Kaladim, and Sanctum of Scaleborn not on the list, as those are places I’ve always gone to grind XP (or AA).

  8. And if the same fast leveling was available to new players they might stay subscribed, now they need to soloquest for some 200 + hours.

  9. /me faints

    That is an impressive two hour tour. And in a duo the entire time? I’m impressed that the ‘Zerker was able to take the damage from some of those zones as even levels. Yes, the gear was much better than it was built for, but still impressive :)

    I saw that you worked on AA in Wailing Caves, did you do that anywhere else? How much AA did you end up with at 62 or 78?

    Compare this to my EQ2X Mystic. Probably 8 hours /played and level 17 ;) No bonus to xp and just soloing the quests. :)

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