Sages are wonderful crafters. Part of the scholar path they create spells for priests and mages – but not only that, they have the ability to create the blank notebooks used for player-written books. Considering my intense use of these notebooks it was a bit of a surprise that my sage was actually the last crafter I managed to get 90 on, but I’m glad I did. Not every crafter has unique quest chains, but sages do (there are a few others which I’ll get into details about another day) and I wanted to gather all these quests together in one location, so I’ll be posting them below. There are some people who think sages are useless with the competition of adepts and masters on the broker, but I tend to make fairly good money on mine. It’s just a matter of finding out what sells and knowing your market, which can actually be said for any crafter class out there.

Sage Specific Quests:

  • Level 50+: In a Bind (Recipes for crafted notebooks)
  • Level 50+: The Legendary Paper (Augren’s Auspicious Inkwell & Wantia Artisan’s Satchel)
  • Level 80+: Sarnak Supply Stocking (The earring of the solstice chain, which leads to a scholar specific step)

One of my favorite sites has always been EQ2traders, and they’ve compiled a wonderful page filled with all of the crafting quests currently available.

General Crafting Quests:

You can also find crafting quests written up on EQ2i, which is a fantastic resource for all things EQ2-related. No matter what path you choose to go down you’ll find a lot of quests related to crafting, and before too long you may find yourself with two, three, or even all 9 of your crafters at 90 (yes, all mine are 90).

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!


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