Last night saw me reach level 50 for the first time in Rift, on my cleric. It was a happy moment for me because I’ve been 48 for a few months now, I simply couldn’t find the motivation to push me to 50. I had been sporting a justicar / shaman / purifier spec as my solo build with most of my points into justicar (which is the cleric tank spec). I had survivability, ‘ok’ dps, and could hold my own most of the time. Then my other half suggested I take a look into something players call the “duracell” build (he plays Rift as his main game of choice where as I bounce around all over the place). Remember the energizer bunny that keeps going and going? That is the premises behind this build. I instantly fell in love with it, it’s amazing. This is a link to the build on zam. There’s also a very lengthy discussion with an explanation of how it works on the Rift forums.

It may seem a little drab, I mean if you’re in a solo encounter you’re using one set of macros and if you’re in a group encounter you’re using a second set of macros, but apparently that’s how a lot of people are playing these days, so you’re not watching 10 hotbars of skills, you’re just watching two macros set up. Or three, if you have one for mana. I have a few skills outside my macros, like purge (an amazing skill that removes a beneficial buff from the mob) and vex for pulling. I spent some time doing dailies and was able to very easily take down 7 level 52 at once and be full health and mana afterward. There are some who are saying they can handle 20+ at the same time. Since I very literally just hit level 50 I didn’t want to push my luck yet. Plus I’m still trying to get myself familiar once more with the game.

Now I’m looking to change up my single target and raid heal specs so I can be useful. I’m able to queue for T2 dungeons but I doubt I’ll be doing that for some time yet. My Artificer (the cleric), Apothecary (Mage) and Outfitter (Scout) are all 300, and I’ve been having a lot of fun harvesting and doing my crafting dailies, although I am quite broke from purchasing the new recipes that come with a 20 hour cool down. I’m happy to see the changes made to crafting and how gear made my players is quite nice. Anyhow, hopefully I’ll find my footing soon. I’m looking forward to trying some raids in the future and seeing how I fare.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

4 thoughts on “Duracell – My Latest Obsession #Rift”
  1. I looked at macros again yesterday. Everyone uses them and I thought maybe I should too. But having read through reams of information on how they work and what you use them for, it seems you could sum it all up as “push fewer buttons”.

    Why would I want to do that? Pushing the buttons is the best part. How would it be more fun for me if I only had to push two or three buttons instead of having to push eight or ten? I just don’t get it.

  2. @Wiqd — 2H is generally better, but the physical dps difference is minimal. If the Spell Power stats are higher with 1H+totem then you’ll actually have higher overall dps with that setup due to all your spell damage being bumped up.

  3. WOW … I just tried this build on my cleric and I love it. I was using a Sent / Inq / Pur ? build before and it was pretty decent at getting me where I wanted to go, but this … this is yum. I think I need a 2H though for it to be worth it. Right now I have a 1H / totem.

  4. Glad to hear you’re liking the Duracell build. I’ve looked at it, but still prefer my Inquisicar. Similar idea, but I don’t have all the melee abilities that the Duracell does. I may try it someday, but for now I’m using a tank spec, heal spec, and then I’ve got 2 dps roles that I use in dungeons — 1 for trash, the other for the bosses. Someday when I’m rich (ha!) I’ll buy the 5th role slot and either Inquisicar it back up or maybe try the Duracell. Time will tell.

    As it is, I am absolutely loving how the Cabalist plays vs the trash packs in the dungeons now. . . . .

    And GRATZ! on making level 50.

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