I never really understand some of the conversations that go on in the public channels of EQ2. Last night for example, the auction channel (which is the global 1-9 channel for those on the Antonia Bayle server) was filled with how much everyone dislikes EQ2. They talked about how there was no challenge, and how it was a horrible game. The part that always confuses me is – they’re talking about a game they supposedly hate, while paying and playing for it. It just doesn’t make sense to me. When I played WoW the channels were filled with childish rantings as well – but – I very rarely ever saw someone complaining about the game they were currently playing. I always saw insults to other players, and very minimal insults to other games.

For myself, the choice is pretty simple. If I’m not enjoying myself I won’t be playing. I’ll move to a different game, or go do something else. As far as what’s ‘fun’ in a game, that is completely up to the individual. Two guild mates and I decided to run through Deathtoll (which is quite a few expansions old now) just for the fun of it. We had a great time, many many MANY deaths (we took lowbies along who were power leveled without any real gear or spells above apprentice) and it was a blast. Some evenings I just want to decorate, and others I feel like doing DoV instances. While the game provides numerous tools for me to make use of, it’s up to me to figure out what I want to do as far as entertainment goes. Sure, not all games appeal to all people. It’s rare I’ll stick with a game long term if all there is to do is quest and blow stuff up. But the act of being entertained ultimately comes down to what I find appealing and that switches on a nightly basis depending on my mood.

I suppose at the core people just like to complain, and it doesn’t really matter WHAT they’re complaining about so long as they meet some sort of secret quota. It’s still something I just don’t seem to understand no matter how hard I try.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

14 thoughts on “It’s Not Up To The Game To Entertain Me #EQ2”
  1. Great post. This is something I’ve puzzled over for years and years. It also has absolutely nothing to do with EQ2 – I’ve seen this in every MMO going back to my earliest days in EQ1.

    I used to challenge people on it in public chat but really, life’s too short. If people are unable to work out that if a voluntary activity is boring them they should cease to participate they probably need more help than I’d be able to give them. Actually, though, I don’t believe these people really are bored; they are having a high old time doing what they really enjoy, what they really logged in for – ranting on the internet.

  2. Not to mention most people don’t even pay for the game anymore with real money. I’m willing to bet a good majority of the population buy SC cards or whatever with plat.

  3. I still enjoy EQ2 after all this time due to only doing the things I really want, for this reason I ignor raiding as being the end of game thing you have to do. But I understand that many players will not love playing lots of alts and repeat questing through the same old zones. I guess I’m one of those casual paler types.

  4. Hey, that’s why I ended my tongue in cheek. ;) Scopique’s post just sounded very seriously. If it wasn’t, I gladly revoke my accusation!

  5. @Flosch you can’t say that Scopique is stereotyping when you yourself ended your argument with one just as bad ;)

  6. Whoa, Scopique, I just have to take up the cudgels for “the achievers” here. That’s bad stereotyping. I really don’t like how achievers vs. socializers has become this bitter battle. When people complain bitterly about a game, it’s generally for two reasons: they either want to troll, or they actually are passionate about certain aspects. You will see complaints, bitter complaints even, from all sorts of people, be they achievers, socializers, or another group. You might see slightly more complaints from achiever type players because there’s a slight tendency in people to migrate from achiever to socializer over time, and younger players seem to (caution: stereotyping!) like to troll more. But complaining that the game “has become horrible” can come from every type of group, and is not achiever-specific. All you need for that is an investment into the game, and the feeling that stuff is changing for the worse, but you can’t leave because of your prior investment.

    And in that respect I also have to disagree with stargrace. I am drawing a different conclusion here. These people don’t complain because they don’t like the game any more. If they didn’t, they’d indeed walk away. They write because they hate certain aspects. If you don’t like something, you’re dispassionate and ignore it or walk away. If you hate something, you get all worked up, and you cannot let go. It’s the main reason game-specific forums are never a good way to get impressions for the game, regardless whether you play the game or you develop it. (The other being people come there to complain, not to praise.) The forums lie. And chats are basically just instant message forums.

    And about why you don’t see complaints about (other) games in WoW: my tongue wanders into my cheek and out come the words “that’s obviously because WoW players don’t know any other games!” ;)

  7. Sometimes I despair as the quality of people playing video games. This has happened a fair amount recently, hanging out in the MMORPG.com forums and having watched The Raid, which I found profoundly embarrassing. Usually EQ2 and AB in particular are better than that.

  8. I ended up putting the crafting channel on a different tab a few months ago as the topic was getting to be about practically anything other than crafting. I left 1-9 back in 2004 so have no idea what goes on in there, nor do I want to know. :)\

    While there are some things I don’t like in EQ2 (or any game), I wouldn’t play it if I didn’t like it overall. In fact, I still really enjoy EQ2 and still have tons of things left to do in the game. Some people just seem to like to complain I guess.

  9. @Threllgar – I have no idea, you’d have to ask the people who use it. I assume because it’s an easy way to reach everyone 1-90 instead of using the 1-9 chat which everyone tends to leave. But I don’t honestly know. :)

  10. I too don’t understand it. I’ve raised a complaint or two about certain aspects of the game (*cough* Dragon Ring event *cough*), but if I found that I wasn’t enjoy the game itself, I’d stop paying for it, and stop playing it. It’s unfortunate that there’s no way to move people and their conversations out of the public channels and into a giant flamebox that everyone can ignore. I’ve slowly watched the Crafting channel on AB decline over the last few months, and am worried it’s going to become just as bad as 1-9.

  11. This always baffles me as well; I’m really really quick to discard a game that isn’t fun. Life is too short, and time too precious, to play a game I don’t like when there are so many games out there I haven’t even tried yet!

  12. I’d be willing to bet those are the Achievers, the people who need to “beat” the game. They’re not capable of finding their own enjoyment in anything they do; they need to have someone provide them a “framework” that they can dominate — either content or other players.

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