There’s no doubt about it, Rift changes at 50. Suddenly there are daily raids, expert dungeons, and other ‘things’ that need doing. This morning I was able to partake in my first daily raid, which took place in Shimmersand. At least I think that’s where it was. It’s a sandy place, although you can’t really tell by this screen shot. I do love the dragon flying over head that would be our eventual target. The raid was smooth and most of the technical bits are things I’ve learned from other MMOs. Don’t stand in anything that spawns under your feet. Dragons should always be flanked. If you see an emote with your name move out of the way, if you see an emote at all, move out of the way. Cures are important (for those classes that can cure) purge is my best friend.

Nothing dropped that I could use, but I was happy enough to earn my tokens (anyone besides me wish the currency tab held a few extra things like, oh I don’t know, dragon tears? Mountaineer plaques?) for the day. Last night also saw me in my first T2 expert dungeon, and queuing a second time brought me back to the same random which made things easier. It also helped that I had healed the regular version of the zone the night before, and what are experts but harder versions of the same zone.

Saving up money has become a small issue, as at this level everything is expensive, especially crafted goods. I’m hoping to figure out a good dungeon heal spec before too long, and then another spec as a raid healer. I don’t imagine I’ll be purchasing the level 50 mount any time soon, although I have been leveling up the event mount that I believe is a mossy turtle or some such creature.

I’d write more but honestly today I feel pretty crummy so I’m going to leave it at that and go curl back up in bed. As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!


3 thoughts on “Expert Dungeons and Daily Raids #RiftGame”
  1. One thing that’s really puzzled me about the recent 1.4 patch is the deliberate way in which Trion have increased the need for platinum. With the issues they have with plat spamming I’d have thought the last thing they’d want to do is drive up demand.

  2. The daily raid rift does tend to be waaaaay out in the farthest reaches of Shimmersand. I’ve only been on one myself as of yet, and we had a humanoid to kill, rather than a dragon, but it was still fun.

    I’m doing T2’s now also — I’ve got a full set of T1-level gear. Not all of it’s purple, and not all of it’s from the token vendor either for that matter, but it’s all of at least that level of quality. I’ve actually been able to bust out my dps spec on my last 2 runs too, with other people healing.

    For me, the 33/33/0 Purifier/Sentinel/Templar build is working very nicely for healing. <– I think that's how I've got my points spent. The templar soul is for the Break-Free ability to help vs some of the bosses.

    I'm told that 33 Sentinel / 28 Warden / 5 Purifier is also popular for dungeons and raids, but I get annoyed with the HOT upkeep, so I haven't tried it.

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