Another Monday here, and a productive gaming weekend under my belt. Well, mostly productive. The warlock is now level 90, although she has barely 100 aa and that’s always annoying to deal with. I’d much rather level lock (as I have with my ranger) and grind aa for a while before leveling. The 35 ranger has 160 aa which is a great amount to have and as I level her to 90 she’ll at least be past the 200 mark. Probably more since I plan on leaving her at 35 until she reaches 200-250 aa first. I don’t remember the /played time on the lock, but it’s not that much, I’d be surprised if it was a full day. Plus there’s all that time I spent AFK and hanging out in hall with her. I can’t afford the 15 plat per kaborite cluster at the moment, so she’ll sit in the background until I can properly gear her up.

I wasn’t in the mood to deal with PUGs yesterday, so the guild decided to do the weekly without looking for any extras. This consisted of Pools, Ascent, and Spire. The group was myself boxing my 2nd account, Ibeogur, Nocturnous (boxing his 2nd account) and Shamah. We cleared the zones with ease, and then after doing the weekly once decided to do it again with alts because I had forgotten to drag my 2nd account along for Pools and Ascent. The end result was a LOT of shards (we also did the first Kael zone, since it was the supposed hot zone) that I can use towards more ry’gorr. I’ve got the complete set on my swashbuckler, and bits and pieces of the set on my warden, defiler, and bruiser. I’m thinking of starting on the set for my coercer, but I’m undecided at the moment. I’m also going to start replacing some of the gear my shadowknight on the second account is sporting. SF raid gear is fantastic, but the stats missing hurt some what.

I’m eagerly waiting for GU61 to be implemented. One of the down sides I find with EQ2 is that there’s too much time between their updates and unique events. It’s one of those things that I really appreciate with Trion and Rift, where there are updates frequently and live events constantly.

Still, it was a good weekend. I’m contemplating getting into some roleplay with a character or two of mine, but I haven’t decided who yet. They all have background stories, and I know of numerous weekly rp locations on Antonia Bayle, it’s just a matter of taking the plunge. We’ll just have to see.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!


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