It’s no secret that I consider myself to be a well-rounded MMO player, especially when it comes to EQ2. I have 12 level 90 characters and while you may hear me posting on this site about how I skipped content and reached 90 in the shortest amount of time – that’s not all there is to do in game, nor is it even what I spend most of my time doing. After you’ve leveled a handful of characters up the ‘regular’ way, it’s just one more method of playing. Again, that’s not the ONLY way of doing things and there’s no right or wrong way to go about how you spend your free time.

And thus Haidie was created. A guardian from Neriak, and a roleplay character for me to explore Norrath with “the good ol fashioned way”. Unlike my last few characters, this one won’t be power leveled. I won’t be twinking her out in gear that’s impossible to obtain, and she has a lengthy history associated with her being where she is, which I look forward to telling (I haven’t fleshed everything out quite yet). My only channels are roleplay ones, and I intend on taking her along to some of the (many) public events found on Antonia Bayle.

If you haven’t spent any time in the beginning zones, you may be surprised to learn that they’ve added some items to the quests found in Darlight Woods (I assume Gorowyn and Kelethin have experienced the same sorts of changes, but I can not confirm personally) including a lot of house items. Haidie is already the proud owner of an elemental plushie, campfire, tent, and Neriak sign which she has hung in her humble two room apartment. I’m excited about having a character to re-explore Norrath, and even more excited at the prospect of playing her as a roleplay character, it’s been a while since I’ve had one.

Remember, the best part of any MMO is not always the basics of what the developers have given you, but how you choose to make use of the tools they’ve given you.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

2 thoughts on “Telling Stories is Just One More Way to Play The Game #EQ2”
  1. And yes, all the starter zones have had a bit of a reward refresh. The armor and other gear is now decent, and there are house items as well.

  2. My new MMO motto “Remember, the best part of any MMO is not always the basics of what the developers have given you, but how you choose to make use of the tools they’ve given you.”

    Love it and it’s so true. I often have my main and maybe 1 or 2 others in a game and then pick themes for a char. I have a perma death monk in EQ2, a Rift/PvP/instance only alt in Rift, a zone completionist alt also in Rift and I have had none twinks before. My last EQ2 alt before taking a break was my Assassin who turned the slider to full AA in zones until I needed levels for quests.

    All give you a new way of seeing the game and in a game I had played for many years I still found new experiences in old zones.

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