I don’t usually get too hung up on a game based on the way it looks – which is pretty apparent since I enjoy games like EQlive and minecraft a great deal. I’m usually all about the game play and stories involved, but every so often a scene really takes my breath away and Rift is one of those games that runs amazing on my PC and looks incredible. It doesn’t matter if I’m running through a zone, doing a rift, or fighting in a dungeon, the game just looks fantastic. Aside from single player games it’s probably the ‘prettiest’ game I’m playing.

How important to you is graphics in a game? Do you find yourself updating video cards just so you can play on the highest settings available?

I logged into game last night beside the Shimmersand ‘wait point’ which is where everyone gathers between spawns of crafting rifts – yes, crafting rifts were STILL going on. I used the two lures I had brought with me (no plaques, boo) and since there were far fewer people participating I was able to walk away with a handful of nice rewards. I have begun leveling my runecrafter, who is sitting at around 170 at the moment, and did my dailies on the artificer, apothecary, and outfitter. Then I proceeded to do the daily event quests, I’m trying to save up dragon tears for some of the items the event vendor is selling. So far I’ve managed to collect 400 or so, but I’m aiming for 500+

I’m excited about the half-birthday event that begins on August 25th – but not because of any real reason other then the bonus to plaques. I find them almost impossible to obtain (that’s the crafting plaques) these days aside from doing the weekly lure quest. One plaque a week is a little low when there are 15+ new recipes for sale at 5 plaques each. I suppose it gives people something to do.

This weekend I’m hoping to make my way into a few more T2 dungeons, we’ll see how that goes. I crafted a few more upgrades for the cleric yesterday, and purchased a recipe for a ring to add to my set bonus, now I just need to collect the materials for it.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself! TGIF!

4 thoughts on “I feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty #RiftGame”
  1. Whether I mind having poor graphics or not depends largely on if better graphics affect the gameplay directly or not. For example, while I don’t mind not having flora or lower textures, I do mind if having a lower draw distance means that an opposing player can see me before I see them, giving the player with better graphics a definite advantage to the game, or not being able to see ground effects in a raid that I have to get out of.

  2. Gameplay > Graphics for me.

    That said, I do enjoy nice looking graphics as well, and completely agree that Rift is the best-looking game I’m playing right now.

  3. Telara is a stunningly beautiful world. I spend far too much time not just taking screenshots but also using that handy in-game video option to film my travels. Iron Pines Peaks and Scarlet Gorge are my favorites, but every zone is superb.

    I’d actually be wary of upgrading my graphics beyond the mid-range card I have. If virtual worlds looked any better I’d never actually get any playing done.

  4. I don’t upgrade hardware unless it’s a drag on performance. Right now, I get great visuals out of the current gen titles, but looking at GW2, and I’m contemplating updating the video hardware.

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