The piece of gear on the left hand side is my first piece of set bonus gear, crafted by the other half (thank you!) and last night I managed to (with some help of course) gather the materials required to craft myself a 2nd piece, a ring to the same set. I also crafted myself two flawless saintstones (they give a bonus to wisdom) for the ring, and throughout the evening managed to run two T2 dungeons, which rewarded a few upgrades and gave me enough plaques to finally upgrade the green belt I’ve been sporting for quite some time. I won an epic neck piece that was a nice upgrade (even though I had just crafted myself one earlier on in the day, it was of lesser quality) and a pair of chain pants. I am able to queue as either heals or dps for T2 dungeons, but for now have been sticking to dps as I learn my way around them (plus the tank is typically the other half, who is far better geared then I shall ever be, and it makes the dungeons a lot smoother).

I have been doing my event dailies, and was pleased to see two new ones were added part way through the day yesterday, one rewarding a purple chest with goodies inside for 50 dragon tears. I also headed to IPP and completed my mountaineer plaques, which I have been storing up. I haven’t actually quested in Shimmersand yet, but I plan on going there eventually. I’ve been working on the gator mount quest (I’m unsure of what else to call this chain of quests) and have been having a lot of fun with the story.

Eventually, I’d like to level up my alts. I realize that since one character can sort of ‘do it all’ (aside from multiple crafts) there’s not a huge desire for me to level them but I’d still like one of each arch type at 50. I’d also like to work on my factions a lot more, and do PvP warfronts – something I’ve dipped my toes into but haven’t really spent any gross amount of time with. I’m really enjoying how much there is to do in game at the moment, even though quite personally there’s nothing ‘casual’ for me to do (like player housing, cough cough). One day I’d still like to experience the guardian side of things.

In the mean time, it’s the weekend! Woohoo! So happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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