Tuesday marks the day that GU61 will take place (as long as everything goes according to schedule, these things are not set in stone) and EQ2 has become a waiting game more then anything else. There are a LOT of changes coming with this patch, some that people are looking forward to (item revamp finally) and some that others are not looking forward to (revamp of aa trees, and caps to stats like multi-attack). After playing EQ2 for so many years, I no longer get upset about patches before they happen – there’s no point. I’ll wait for it to go live, and then make my decision afterward.

From general observation, I am unsure as to why people are upset over the stat changes and here’s one reason why. My guild at the moment consists of four ‘regulars’ with a few others who log in on occasion. The four regulars are not raiders, although we have purchased some gear that comes up on auction occasionally. Yesterday we decided to work on the x2 Tower of Frozen Shadow raid, which is a zone meant for 12 people. Just four of us, although Ultann did box his shadowknight / inquisitor. With the four of us we had no issues taking down the first and second named, and we even (finally) defeated the spider named, and we managed to get the evac named down to 25% before he healed to 60%. With four of us instead of 12. I am unsure as to why people feel that their characters will be ‘worthless’ after the changes Tuesday, if a group of four non-raiders can easily take down content from a x2 raid zone. The group consisted of myself on my defiler, the shadowknight, an assassin, a berserker and the inquisitor. We even managed a flawless on each fight. Sure, they were long and it wasn’t pretty but we got them done and managed a handful of loot for all of our alts, since each named drops two fabled. Are we worried about the changes? No, not really. We’ll get by as we have always gotten by, and adjust to them.

One thing that does interest me is that attuned items will become un-attuned, which means I can switch some gear around from my alts. I’ve taken to working on my warlock instead of my coercer, and want to ‘borrow’ some gear from the coercer and put it on the warlock. Likewise there is a ranged item currently on my inquisitor that I’d like to put on my defiler, and a few pieces of fighter gear I’d like to give to my shadowknight and bruiser.

In the mean time, we wait.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

9 thoughts on “Basically, We’re All Just Waiting For GU61 #EQ2”
  1. I think more than anything, I’m concerned about a lot of the unresolved issues that have been reported on Test. I too have done my best not to judge features/enhancements/changes/etc before they come out, as it’s hard to say exactly what impact it’ll have on you and your playstyle until it goes live. That said, with reports of large numbers of items still not properly reflecting stat changes (or not changed to what you would expect them to be), unanswered questions about the new gear stats and how they relate to specific classes and uses (melee priests, for example), and what seems like an overall huge rush right at the last minute, I’m a bit concerned about how long it’s going to take to get “back to normal” once this update hits. I suppose only time will tell.

  2. I am not certain, but I *think* that the unattuning will only happen to items you have *EQUIPPED* at the time of the GU. That means that not all of your old cast off armor will become available. It also means that tonight you should equip your characters with their cast off pieces so that they get unattuned tomorrow. I could be wrong about this, (and I hope I am), but I think it is a lot narrower than what you think.

  3. I really need to keep up on my EQ2 news, I had no idea there was a big patch even coming! Seeing as how my Swash is only lvl18 the changes probably won’t affect me all that much.

  4. I logged into EQII for the first time in a long time last night, and spent a very pleasurable couple of hours poking around. I hadn’t really been aware of the server merges (Lucan d’Lere into Crushridge is the one that affects me), and there seem to have been some changes in geography in Qeynos as well. I’m on the 45-day compensation time thing, so I’ll be knocking around for a while.

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