I really like how there are regular versions of dungeons and then once you hit 50 there are ‘expert’ dungeons, or T2 as they’re also called. These are not just revamps of the zones you’ve already done, but in some cases include entire new portions to the dungeons. One of my favorites is Deepstrike mines, and in particular the fight at the end with Plutonus. You can see us finishing off the fight with him here, on the outer most circle during the fight walls spawn, but not in a complete circle, they’re broken up. When those walls spawn you want to make sure you’re back is to one, because after they pop up, a massive kick back triggers and you’ll get flung. If your back is to a wall that’s great – if not, you get thrown into some painful lasers. Once the kick back is over you’re still not safe. See those bright red marks, those are ‘safe’ areas, after the kick back you need to move away from the walls because of an aoe – and you need to be standing in the path of one of those red buttons (they go out like the spokes of a wheel) to stay out of the path of more lasers that spawn.

It’s a really fun fight, and one you don’t find in the regular version of the zone. My most disliked fight is the one up in the tree portion where there’s Bonehew the Thunderer. He likes to throw people around and during last nights dungeon run more then one person ended up losing their footing (but not me!) and finding themselves staring at the ground floor of the dungeon. You can find this fight in both versions of the zone and although they differ slightly he does the annoying throwing around move in both.

I won a wand upgrade, and also had my 3 piece set hammer crafted finally (thank you other half!) which I was incredibly happy about. The new hammer is amazing. I did all of my ‘regular’ dailies, which include dragon tears, DRR (daily rift raid), IPP and crafting. Then I worked on my mage a little while. I’m trying to learn about a good pvp cleric spec, but so far I haven’t found too much. I’d like to get into more pvp in Rift, although I’m also afraid I’ll be incredibly under geared since I don’t currently have any pvp gear. We’ll just have to see how it goes!

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

3 thoughts on “Deepstrike Mines Expert Mode #RiftGame”
  1. The “Inquisenticar” build of 44 Inquisitor / 11 Justicar / 11 Sentinel is also quite popular in PVP. does “support heals” and still has respectable burst dps, both single target and AE, though the AE is melee range and hard to fire off if you are up against intelligent/experienced foes.

  2. Melee PvP cleric is either going to be a 51Shaman/15Justicar/0Templar for a good amount of burst damage and some incidental healing or a 44Druid/22Inquisitor/0Templar for a ton of utility (snare, root, sleep, silence, confusion, purge, all resists, heal debuff, ap/sp debuff, magic damage buff, ability cost increase). The 0 in Templar gives you the universally handy CC breaker.

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