I don’t have a lot of incentive to play alts in Rift because my cleric can quite literally ‘do it all’ when it comes to adventuring. The only reason I created one of each arch-type in the beginning was in order to have multiple crafters (although if I had it my way players would be able to choose as many crafting options as they want). With the 6 month birthday celebration in place there is also a 100% bonus to experience from kills, and so I’ve been playing my lower level characters to take advantage of it. My mage is now level 26, and is quite fun to play. She also happens to be a 300 apothecary, and has the ports to most of the major cities.

Thanks to a guild rally banner I also managed to find myself in Shimmersand at level 24, doing level 50 crafting rifts. I didn’t earn any plaques (blast it!) but I did get a nice selection of crafting materials. I purchased the recipe for black dye, and have been selling it on the broker for 7p a piece which is netting me some nice income on my lowbie mage. I think both my cleric and my mage have around 50p to their name now, which is no small amount for me. My rogue is still sitting at level 14 or so, I have no real desire to play that character and I’m not quite sure why. I did level her to a 300 outfitter, but I haven’t obtained the ports to the higher level cities yet, so I haven’t been doing her daily quests. Perhaps after a while I will.

I’ve been contemplating trying the guardian side of things, perhaps on another server. I haven’t made up my mind yet but Shadefallen and Faeblight both come to mind. I have characters there already, so we shall see I suppose.

I hope all my friends on the East Coast are keeping safe with the hurricane moving through. We’re getting wind and rain here in Ottawa but it’s more east then I am and will be hitting the Maritimes. As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

2 thoughts on “Bringing Out the Alts #RiftGame”
  1. If you want to play on Faeblight as a Guardian I’d be happy to invite you to my guild. :D

    As it is… I can totally see where you’re coming from on having a 50 cleric and not feeling the desire to play an alt since the cleric can more or less “do it all.” the last 2 T2 runs I’ve done have been 4 clerics + 1 rogue. Cleric tanking, cleric healing, me doing dps/off-heals (and often doing more hps than the MH, scarily enough), cleric dps, and rogue dps. And we steamrolled the places too. Mostly. Last boss in AP was a little bit of a pain, but not too terrible.

    That said, my warrior is level 49 now. I don’t mind tanking on my cleric, but find I like the warrior’s toolset a bit more for that. Even if the cleric is a completely capable tank.

    And my lowbie crafting alts are 300/300 in all 6 crafting professions now, so I really need to do more crafting rifts for plaques. TBh, I’m planning on leveling my rogue up next. I’m having a hard time falling in love with mages, but rogues have so many different play styles that I want to check out — range, tick tick boom, melee, stealth, teleporting tank, and more. They simply sound like a ton of fun to me. We’ll see. . . .

  2. Shadefallen and Faeblight are the two servers I play on. As far as I can tell, Fae is Guardian-dominated while Shade is a Defiant redoubt. That might just be my perspective because that’s the way round I have my characters, though.

    I currently have eight characters in Rift, three at level 50, two in the 30s and three in the teens-and-twenties. I briefly entertained the idea that Rift was different to other MMOs because of the soul set-up, but that’s patent rubbish. Even if I was prepared to use all the souls for one calling on the same character, which I’m not, that would still leave six races, two genders, four callings and two factions.

    It’s been useful to consider how it would be to play an MMO where there really was no point playing more than one character, even though Rift turns out not to be that MMO. I’m certain now that I’d have no interest in such a game. Playing one character would be like wearing the same clothes every day, and who’d want to do that?

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